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Why are bongs your better option? Find out here!

When comparing smoking methods for ingesting cannabis, you need to know the pros and cons of each method to see which one works for you. If you enjoy getting a small high, you may prefer taking on a joint, as the high comes slowly and is less long-lasting. If you like long-lasting and intense highs, you can use a dab rig for a powerful and strong hit.

For those who don’t want to ingest vapor or smoke in their lungs, consuming edibles can be the best way to get a head or body high without hurting your lungs. However, for others, the best part about ingesting cannabis is the strong hit, the intense flavor, smooth inhalation, and the long-lasting effects.

See more one of the most popular smoking methods – especially for advanced smokers – and why they love it!

Why are bongs the best?

Especially for advanced smokers who are familiar with setting up apparatuses and smoking every day, using bongs can be the best way to get a long-lasting and intense high.

Smooth hits

Bongs produce smoother hits than other smoking methods. One main flaw of smoking cannabis is that it can hurt your throat – since hot smoke can scratch the sides of your throat, it can burn and cause you to stop smoking altogether. However, the bong helps cool down the water before you inhale, meaning the hit will be smoother than taking a joint or bubbler.

Filtration of toxic particles

Unlike a hookah, where the particles remain in the water and can be toxic while entering your lungs, bongs help eliminate many of the harmful compounds vaporized in the smoking process. The water helps filter out particles of combustion that would otherwise go into your lungs while inhaling.

Reduces bacteria and mold

Bongs help filter and reduce the inhalation of bacteria and mold that would otherwise be inhaled through other smoking methods like joints and pipes. Ensure you regularly change the water to ensure the bacteria do not sit in the water for the following user.

Bigger hits

The fourth benefit of using bongs is the big hits you get from the inhalation. Using a glass bong ensures the user can get a massive hit if they choose to, with some advanced users filling the entire chamber with smoke before taking a hit.

Fun to use

One of the other benefits of using a bong is the fun factor! You can use this smoking method with friends, and it is fun to pass around the table while at a party. Since bongs are safe, you can use them with multiple people and not worry about any hot pieces, heating of rigs, or torches.


Bongs are a fun, safe, and effective way to ingest marijuana and get a long-lasting and strong high. Compared to other methods that leave in toxic chemicals, bongs help filter out unwanted particles and harmful materials that would otherwise end up in your lungs. Not to mention, bongs can produce a long-lasting, strong, and intense high that is great for advanced marijuana consumers.

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