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How To Use TikTok? A Step-By-Step Guide

Did anyone know that the social media platform, known and famous by TikTok, has an average user session of almost 8 to 12 minutes. It has more than 1 billion monthly users worldwide. This platform is considered the gold mine of short videos and provides users with snackable content. Most users are using this platform to share their talent worldwide and get more and more followers, subscribers, and views on their videos.

If anyone is new to TikTok and wants a successful reach, they can also buy TikTok followers, views, and likes. With the help of it, they’ll be able to get a successful start very quickly. Furthermore, after getting a successful reach on TikTok, users can also be able to promote some major brands, and they also get paid for this. 

So, anyone can use TikTok as a business platform and makes plenty amount from it. But most new users have a common problem with how to use it, so to help them, here are some tips regarding using TikTok.

Download the app 

This is the very first step for everyone who wants to use TikTok. After that, they must go to the Google play store, or if they have an iPhone, they must go to the app store. After this, users have to search for TikTok, and then they have to download it. Then, when the users open the app, it is straightforward for users to do the signup process.

Users can do the instant signup with the help of Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail, or users can also use a password and username if users don’t want to get access through these accounts.

Set up profile

Once you have logged in to the app, the app will instantly bring you to the feed where the videos are. Next, we will tell you about setting up your profile on TikTok. You first have to tap on the icon of TikTok then you’ll be able to see the icon just like a person in the lower right of the app. 

After entering the profile section, you have to tap on the profile edit button, and then you have to select a profile video or photo to add there. After setting up the profile photo, you must add the username in the bio section. Also, on TikTok, users have another benefit as they can link up their Instagram and youtube pages on it. 

View on the video feed        

Now that you have settled up your profile on TikTok, you have to tap back on the home button if you want to see the videos available on your feed. On TikTok, videos are the primary content and the most loved ones. If you have followers, just you can buy TikTok followers, as it is a very easy way to get them quickly.

After that, you must follow some accounts from which you want to see the videos in your feed, which will also help you interact with more people. So after some time, your TikTok feed will get personalized according to you and the kind of your interests.

Like, comment, and Share videos

On TikTok, when you find a video of your interest, you can like it, you have to click on the heart button for liking the video, and after that, if you want to add your valuable comments, you can do it in the comment section. Also, if you want to share the videos on TikTok with your friends, then you will be able to see the forward sign just below the comment symbol, and there you’ll be able to see the sharing option.

These symbols or options are mainly located on the right side of every video you see on TikTok. Suppose you like anyone’s video and want to see more videos from that particular person, then you have to swipe it on the left to see their profile and more videos.

Searching for videos

If you want to search for any type of video, you have to tap on the second tab, which you’ll see on TikTok, or there are magnifying glass-type structures. By clicking on it, you’ll get an entry to the search area of TikTok. On this tab, then you will be able to search accounts or any type of video, or users can also look below to the search bar to see the videos of any trending topic. 

With the help of this option, it gets more accessible for the users of TikTok to find videos quickly. On TikTok, users can also save any kind of video that they like the most and can look at it whenever they want to. This is also an excellent option for users as they don’t have to search for videos every time.

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