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9 Tips for Effective LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. The platform has more than 770 million users in the world. If you are running a business and are working with professionals, then you cannot ignore LinkedIn. Also, if you are in the B2B business, LinkedIn is a very useful social media platform for you.

When you make a social media marketing plan, you must include LinkedIn in it. In this guide, we tell you all about LinkedIn marketing. The tips we have for you will help you get the best results from LinkedIn marketing.

Tips to achieve success in LinkedIn Marketing

1) Create a business account

The first thing you must do is create a business account for your company on LinkedIn. Use the Work option to create a company page. Ensure you provide all details with a crisp profile describing what you do. It is the first step to take before you start marketing on LinkedIn. Once the page is created, add content to it. Ensure that anyone visiting your page gets complete information about your business and its products/services. Provide links to your website and other contact details.

2) Make a marketing strategy

Unlike other social media platforms, aggressive sales pitches will not work on LinkedIn. It is a platform for professionals and requires a different approach. You must have a separate strategy for LinkedIn marketing. A key point to note is the LinkedIn market can help you get 277% more leads compared to Facebook. You must have a well-crafted strategy.

Your strategy must address the following:

  1. The goals you want to achieve.
  2. Your target audience.
  3. The activities you plan to do to reach your target audience.
  4. The type of content you will use.
  5. Results you expect from marketing activities.
  6. Budget and resources needed.

3) Start posting content

Like in all other social media platforms, you must post content. The content must be unique and relevant. Don’t post only promotional content, people will not be interested. A few promotional posts are fine, but too many promotional posts and people may even unfollow you. The content you post must add value to your target audience.

Apart from the value of the content, it is important to present it well. Make use of stock photos and images, attractive fonts, and infographics in your content. All these will help you make your content stand out, so you can increase your connections.

4) Use hashtags

Make sure you use hashtags in all your content. A hashtag helps you list out keywords related to your business. It also helps others search for your content. You must spend time doing hashtag research. It will help you understand the kind of hashtags that are popular, and also the hashtags that your audience is looking for. Avoid including too many hashtags as they look messy.

5) Have a schedule and stick to it

When you start publishing content on LinkedIn, you must do it consistently. Posting occasional content will not give you results. You must post frequently, maybe once or twice a week. Create a schedule that lists out when you will publish content and also what type of content. Ensure that you follow the schedule. Posting frequently will ensure your target audience will be interested in your page.

6) Send newsletters

You can create a LinkedIn newsletter and send them to all your followers. Newsletters are an old technique, which still has relevance. The newsletter will help you sum up all the content you have shared for a particular period (fortnight/month). You can also use the newsletter to provide updates about your business and your products/services. It is a very good way to engage with your target audience.

7) Add groups

You can use LinkedIn to create groups. Start your group where you can be the moderator. Add people interested to be part of the group. Use the group to provide information. Groups allow you to directly engage with your target audience. You can share information on your products and answer their queries. It is a great way to generate leads for your marketing.

8) Involve your team

You must ensure all your team members/employees participate in the LinkedIn marketing process. They must all have accounts and promote your posts. They must also help in engaging with the target audience. It would help make your content more visible.

9) Measure the results

Once you carry out any marketing activity, you must understand its results. Are you able to achieve your goals? The assessment must reveal the answer. Try to measure the engagement you are getting and metrics like followers added, impressions, leads generated, etc.

LinkedIn is a valuable platform to bring more attention to your business. With the help of these tips, you can make your business stand out.

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