Top 5 Biggest Changes of NBA 2K22 Next Gen

With NBA 2K22 set to come out September 10th for the Nintendo, Switch, PC, Current and Next-gen Consoles, it’s time to go over some of the biggest changes to expect so far between Next Gen 2K21 and NBA 2K22. So let’s get it.

  1. The City Streamlined

First off, probably the biggest news so far connection is concerning NBA 2K22 MyCareer and your MyPlayer, and the contrast between current gen gamers after getting 2k beach last year are receiving another makeover, this time around having a whole cruise ship to play with. With changing backgrounds and multiple playable stops throughout the world of ballet, and Next-Gen is returning with the City which makes it clear that strategy is pretty much building upon their foundation that debuted last year. But you know on first glance, it’s like what the heck but one of the changes for connection is swallowing up the mockery story and completely integrating it within the City. So your MyCareer is going to start like usual and then bam you can be turned loose immediately into the City to level up your player open up your wallet faster or do whatever your heart desires, where the cut scenes of you doing the off the court stuff will happen in real time around the City, and all we can say is rest in peace to the servers.

Also a new quest system will be implemented opening up new content and changes to level up your character, as you’re on the streets and interact with NPCs. When you’re not on the basketball court furthering the gta-esque feeling 2K is trying to aim towards.

  1. Removal of Rookieville

Also a slight annoyance to those who’d like to have multiple builds was having to get through rookieville that forced you to play 5-10 games to get similar brown shirts, now it appears this concept was a one-hit wonder as rookieville would not be in next-gen NBA 2K22. After the higher-ups realized it was crap and also realized, it was more of a burden than anything.

  1. Get in a Game ASAP

Now the City will also open up new and quicker alternatives to get into a game, players will be able to enter select matchmaking buildings to be placed immediately into competition with a number of game types available, that will still contribute to your MyPlayer’s progression, so brown shirts can rejoice a bit here and those who get a bit sad when players step off on you your relief is on the way.

  1. Same Cover Athletes

Now unlike last year with Next Gen featuring Zion Williamson and Current Gen having Dame Lillard, the Current Gen and Next Gen standard editions of the game will share the same cover athletes – Luca Doncic and Dallas Mavericks, now they share the same cover but will still be two completely different games – at the Current Gen standard edition of the game will be 60$, and Next Gen will run for 70$. With the 75th anniversary edition that will have Kareem Dirk and Durant on the cover costing you 100$ and gives you access to both the current connection console versions of the game and offer special rewards including free NBA 2K22 MT. And the crosston digital bundle which will be available for 80$ will give you access to the standard edition for both PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Series X/S constant. To reiterate if you want to play both current and next gen cross your digital bundle and the 75th anniversary edition has your back; if you want to just get next gen, the standard edition could be for you. Check out these Playstation 4 bundles.

  1. Gameplay Changes

There’s also going to be a few gameplay changes coming to NBA 2K22 to get excited about. There is going to be a completely revamped shock contest and blocking system aiming to highlight better perimeter defenders and make scoring in the paint field more rewarding. Now this was talked about a lot before 2K21 Next-Gen came out with us being able to truly decide where we want to lay up and the new collision system was going to be all at, and it just turned into you being able to dunk on anybody no matter how many defenders were in the paint. Stamina will receive a major nerf in NBA 2K22 as well, that probably won’t amount to much in the end.  If you want to know more details, NBA 2K22 news & guides

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