What exactly is First-class cricket?

When talking about anything being “first-class”, normally we think about things that are at a very high standard. The website 1xBet online cricket streaming in India is available to all fans of this sport and members of the platform.

The concept of first-class cricket works in a similar manner. In order for a match to qualify as such, some criteria need to be satisfied, such as:

    • the match must be three days long or more;
    • the participating squads must be professional teams from important leagues;
    • and the structure of the event must allow both teams to play two innings each;

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Unknown origins

Although the concept of first-class cricket is an official definition that comes from the ICC, nobody knows exactly where the expression comes from. There are plenty of competitions of this kind around the world, and the IPL betting 1xBet bookmaker can be used to wager on plenty of them.

Nobody knows when the concept of “first-class cricket” was used for the first time. However, prior to 1895, when the concept was officially adopted, this expression was still used to describe matches that were “important”.

In general, there are many kinds of matches that can qualify as first-class cricket events. Although this concept is used mostly for domestic cricket events, Test matches are still counted as first-class for the statistics. The 1xBet bookmaker has IPL betting features and wagering options on lots of Test matches around the world.

By looking at the criteria that must be satisfied, it is easy to see that limited-overs cricket contests do not count as first-class matches. In other words, ODI and Twenty20 contests are not first-class events.

Retrospective classification

The concept of first-class matches started to be used in 1895. As such, matches celebrated from that point onwards that satisfied the aforementioned criteria were considered as first-class contests. Punters can 1xBet download to phone and use this app to wager on the best first-class cricket matches that are regularly played.

However, for the purpose of keeping statistics, there were some historians of the sport that asked themselves what to do with matches played before 1895. After all, before that period there were still many high-profile matches that took place.

A solution for this was to introduce the concept of “important matches”. Any match that satisfied the first-class criteria but that took place prior to 1895 would be considered as such. Cricket fans can go to 1xBet and download the official app to their phones, and use it to wager on all forms of cricket.

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