The Highs and Lows of Playing Online Games

Online games are fun. Everything has its pros and cons, รวมเกมส์ออนไลน์. Here are a few benefits and disadvantages of online gaming.


Playing online games can have pros related to your mental health and physical capabilities.

Dealing with Stress

Online games can help one to reduce any stress that might cloud their mind. It is a good way of escaping from troubling thoughts and having a satisfying and calming feeling.

Enhancing One’s Skills

Many games require you to find and implement a strategic plan after analyzing a situation. They challenge the way you think and enhance your analytical skills. This includes various puzzle and quiz games.

A Source of Entertainment

Gaming is a good source of entertainment. It allows you to have some time off from work and instead enjoy yourself.


The multiplayer feature of online games allows you to play with a friend miles apart or even next door. It also allows you to play with people from anywhere in the world and be involved in a healthy competition.

Overall Skills

Online games allow you to improve your multitasking skills and brain’s concentration and speed. Imagine playing Subway Surfer as the game speed fastens the further you play. Your brain eventually adjusts to the fast pace of the game.


What has pros also has its cons. Playing too many online games can reverse its advantages. Here are a few of the cons of playing online games.


One might spend excessive time on games and being invested to the point they might neglect their other pending tasks. Sometimes, one would continue completing gaming rounds than do the homework or assignment that may be due.


The excess use of anything can be dangerous. Addiction to games can increase stress, lead the person to become socially disconnected from others, be lazy, and move towards obesity and health problems.

Hacking and Viruses

Being on the internet, one must remember to be safe and check before opening a site or downloading a game. Some downloads may lead to a virus entering your device. On the other hand, some gamers may hack your system as a whole.

Online games are fun and can bring you entertainment, escape from stress, and improve your mental abilities. But, it can also lead to having reverse effects. It depends on the way you choose to play them.

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