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Streaming on YouTube is it still relevant

Some time ago, streaming was popular on YouTube. This format consists in the fact that the blogger broadcasts live for some time and talks about future projects, communicates with the audience, reviews various content, and so on. Recently, however, we have seen fewer and fewer streams from bloggers. Many of them have switched to other streaming platforms where they can deliver paid visits and more monetization, and some have abandoned the idea altogether. In this article, you will find out why streams have become less relevant now but still collect audience activity. We’ll also tell you why you don’t have to buy YouTube subscribers to be successful.

Why are few people streaming now?

In recent years, we can observe a trend that tells us that users are more willing to watch content that does not take much time. Even ordinary videos of several minutes on YouTube began to gain fewer views, because young people more often use TikTok and Instagram, leaving no time to watch the long content. Many bloggers even have to buy real YouTube subscribers in order to promote their channel at the initial stage.

As a rule, YouTube streaming does not bring a lot of profit to the authors, because they receive money only when the donation service is connected from subscribers. This does not give much money, because users rarely send large sums of money even to their most favorite bloggers. But despite the disadvantages of this format, people have to connect equipment, spend time and energy on broadcasting. You can understand why bloggers do this less and less often.

What streams are still relevant?

Probably many of us think that the format of game reviews is a thing of the past for a long time, but you will be surprised that this is an extremely wrong opinion. A huge amount of game content has been uploaded to YouTube over the past year. This means that game content is still in high demand among the audience of this platform.

In addition, the format of reviews for various news, films, music releases, videos of various bloggers, and so on is still relevant. The fact is that every user wants to know the opinion of his favorite blogger about every topic that interests him. That is why, after gaining a large audience through unique creative videos, you can try to shoot reviews of other content in order to delight your subscribers.

You can also just talk about your activities, communicate with the audience informally and arrange various interactions. All of these will benefit you in your success.

Should you prefer streaming in 2021?

Of course, if you have a YouTube channel, you can occasionally broadcast live to your audience. However, you shouldn’t take this as the main way to monetize your channel. Rather, it’s a good way to chat with subscribers, answer their questions, and announce new projects. This format is very useful for bringing the author closer to his audience, which further affects the activity of users on the channel. If you hear the advice from subscribers, then it will be easier for you to please them in the future work.

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