Outdoor Sports: Discover 5 Healthy And Fun Options

As summer approaches, the number of people interested in playing outdoor sports grows. Unlike training in gyms, activities in an open environment allow greater contact with nature and guarantee a healthier life, providing greater satisfaction and reducing the stress of its practitioners.

Other advantages of open-air sports are the possibility of practicing them in groups of friends or family and the greater availability of schedules, scheduling the practice for the period that is most available, without being held hostage by time and the clock.

So, below, we list five sports options that can be practiced outdoors for you to get out of the routine, explain how they work and what are their main benefits. Come on?

1. Cycling

For those who live in flat cities with beaches or parks, cycling is a great sport to practice outdoors. In addition to being a delight, cycling improves fitness, helps you lose weight and eliminates any trace of everyday stress.

As most major cities have reasonable cycling networks today, the bicycle can also be used as a means of daily transportation, making it possible to save your traffic time and still ensure regular exercise.

2. Running and walking

Another great option for those who enjoy outdoor sports and can’t stand running on the treadmill indoors anymore, running (or moderate walking) moves all the muscle groups in the body and promotes several benefits to the body, improving its functioning and preventing diseases.

In this type of sport, what counts is regularity. Unless you are a high-performance athlete who needs to run great distances every day to stay in shape, the important thing here is to run or walk at moderate speed for at least 30 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week. You can check for help.

3. Surfing

You must have heard this beautiful saying: “It is not water with sugar that calms, it is water with salt”. This maxim is one of the mantras of those who practice sports at sea – in particular, surfers.

In addition to being a great exercise to keep the body in shape and strengthen all muscle groups, surfing allows full contact with nature to calm the soul, end stress, invigorate the mind and recharge the batteries. Visit to get more information.

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4. Slackline 

Do you know those simple and fun sports? To practice slackline in parks, squares or on the beach, you only need two fixed points of support and an elastic tape. Easy, isn’t it?

Okay, it’s not that simple: staying balanced on the tape requires practice and persistence, but this is a great physical exercise, which provides the strengthening of various muscle groups, such as the back and abdomen, in addition to improving your skills concentration, motor coordination and, of course, require a lot of balance.

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