Newcastle United are out of the relegation zone

Finally, Newcastle is out of the relegation zone after a 3-1 victory over Everton last night which has delighted the millions of Newcastle fans around the world. A lot of bookies had Newcastle as a favourite team to be relegated this season so this will delight their fans and cause football fans to be on another team to be relegated instead with online casinos not on gamstop like these here offering fans different options to choose from.

Will they avoid relegation?

There are still many games to be played in the premier league this season so it is too early to say if Newcastle will get relegated or not. During the recent transfer window, they spent a lot of money with them spending over 100 million new signings to try and secure premier league safety this season. With there still being so many games to play it is unclear how the season will end.

With the new signings Newcastle certainly, look like a team that will stay in the premier league and avoid relegation, but within this league, anything can happen and there are a lot of teams down the bottom end of the table battling it out to avoid being relegated, so only time will tell who stays up and who goes down.

The premier league is the best in the world and the most competitive with all the teams involved providing some of the best players in the world. This season is proving to be one of the best on records with it being tight at the top and tight at the bottom with teams battling it out for the title and to avoid relegation.

Avoiding relegation will be key in the future for Newcastle United football club with them wanting to avoid relegation at all costs as being relegated they will struggle to attract exciting players in the next transfer window as footballers around the world are always wanting to move to a premier league club, so the thought of them going down to the championship will not benefit them.

The information above will give you a better insight into Newcastle United doing all that they can to avoid relegation and continue to participate in the premier league next season with the hope of staying up and being able to attract new and better players in the summer transfer window.

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