FUT 22: Best Base Card That Holds Value

Buy FIFA 23 Coins from FUTEAMGO, we support instant delivery. Team of the Season promo attracts many top players, it also influences FUT market. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best base card.

The FUT 22 market has been unavailable for some time, but Team of the Season seems to have blown the scene. With a plethora of incredible cards in the game, we’ve seen some of the leading stars’ value drop completely. Stars like Cristiano Ronaldo are available for a measly 60k, and Lionel Messi the highest rated player in the early game has become meat.

Another crash in the FUT market shows that FUT 23 needs a radical change. Despite the adversity surrounding him, Kylian Mbappé persevered as the PSG striker became the only starting player to save over 100,000 coins in FUT 22.

While his super-powerful nature may play a role, it’s clear that the Frenchman’s combination of pace and power has allowed him to remain consistent in the FUT22 Meta. However, it is quite remarkable that only one main player currently exceeds 100k in the FUT cycle.

There are many factors to cause the market to crash in FUT, but we can’t help but feel that FUT has made a mistake. Starting with FUT 23, there are many lessons to be learned to keep FUT fresh for over 2 months. Friday promos are the core of Ultimate Team, but hasn’t it gotten to the point where their constant inclusion does more harm? With so many high-end promo cards appearing every week in Ultimate Team, the price of high-end gold players has dropped.

With FUT 23 just around the corner, we think a better promo balance could help keep the market going. The Team of the Season is absolutely one of the most interesting promos in FUT 22, but it also marks the complete death of the market.

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