Final Fantasy XIV Problem: No New Heroes

Due to the sheer number of new players, no new characters can be made in some FFXIV worlds. 

Despite being in the middle of two expansions, Final Fantasy XIV continues to amass players for a wide variety of reasons. Now the game has gotten so much fresh blood that for the meantime, players won’t be able to create new characters in some worlds. That means FFXIV Gil is not exactly easy to come by lately.  

Final Fantasy: Filler of Worlds 

What’s happening to Final Fantasy XIV right now is the very definition of a good problem. Of course, there is really no such thing as a good problem in itself. Rather, it simply means that the problem was brought about by a good thing. In Final Fantasy XIV’s case, the good thing is the massive influx of players, and the problem is that the game wasn’t initially ready for it. It’s why many servers have been designated as congested. To be exact, these are Adamantoise, Sargatanas, Siren, Cactuar, Faerie, Gilgamesh, Jenova, and Midgar worlds. So for those making an FFXIV account, now’s not the time to join those worlds. 

Thankfully, those in the sixteen other worlds will still be able to do so. At the same time, Naoki Yoshida, also affectionately known as Yoshi-P, has also stated that these worlds are also becoming quite congested as well. Hopefully they don’t follow the fate of the other worlds anytime soon, or better yet, that the FFXIV team would be able to expand these world’s login caps. But of course, those previously mentioned will be given the priority for that treatment. 

On a related note, Chaos and Light Data Centers, which are dedicated to Europe, will undergo a two-part increase in their login caps. The first increase will take place after the 5.58 hotfix, which came out last August 24 in order to address these same problems. As for the second one, Yoshida has only given a vague time window. However, given his previous track record, players can rest assured that these problems will be addressed. 

Exceptional Growth 

Apart from the many new players being tided over by how excellent the game is, there are more technical reasons for this congestion and why it’s not addressed as swiftly as it could have been. For the former, it’s because nobody, not even the Final Fantasy XIV team, expected that there would be this many new players flocking to the game. It’s a natural thing for MMORPGs to have fewer and fewer players in the long run, and later on would have more players leaving the game than those joining. 

In fact, most MMORPGs don’t even reach 8 years. Of course, there are exceptions, like World of Warcraft, which is an iconic pioneer in modernizing the genre, and Runescape, which was never really that big in the first place and is sustained by a small but solid player base. Final Fantasy XIV, however, has become the only exception that has grown instead of dwindling. That means more profit for the FFXIV Store because of FFXIV mounts. 

There are many reasons for this surprising growth. A story that is among the most compelling in the history of both Final Fantasy and MMORPGs, great support by the devs, familiar yet innovative gameplay, World of Warcraft losing its touch – all of these are contributing factors to the new player numbers shooting through FFXIV’s worlds’ roofs. This growth is also proof that contrary to popular belief, the MMORPG genre is not dead; its player base is simply looking for better alternative than the big ones. And right now, the alternative to the biggest one is another big one, and it just got bigger. 

Pandemic Pandemonium 

As to why the FFXIV team didn’t manage to patch things up (pun intended) as quickly as they would have, it’s because we’re in a pandemic, and a pandemic isn’t exactly a regular time. CoVID-19 has brought various challenges to all industries, including gaming. In fact, gaming is faring better compared to most fields, and yet it still has roadblocks of its own. 

The biggest pandemic-related reason for FFXIV’s slightly slower response time to this issue is the semiconductor shortage, which affects not just gaming, but almost all fields that use tech. Which, at this point in our civilization, pretty much means all fields. Another is the problems brought about by traveling restrictions and social distancing, which means many staff are not on-site. While the post-CoViD-19 has shown that it is possible to work at the comforts of our home, it can’t be denied that teams have better coordination in the workplace. 

Hopefully, Yoshi-P and the rest of the team manages to solve these issues before the release of Endwalker, or else they once-good problem isn’t going to be as good as it used to. 

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