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Detailed Features of Customer Relationship Management Software

Running a company can be hard. Miscommunication can easily happen as well as misinformation regarding customers. Because of that, a company can loose profits. As such, having an efficient system to organize data and facilitate communication between employees is primordial.  The Customer Relationship Management software is a system that will improve the management of your customer database. This software has various features that will help to gather information in one place as well as manage your customer database.

  • Instant messaging between employee

With sales CRM software, your workers will be able to messaging each other in real-time. At the same time, managers will have the possibility to check in with the staff at any moment, even when they are on the field. The interaction of every group in the company will be better thanks to this software.

  • Contact management

Your employees will have an easy and quick access to all information, old and new, regarding your customers. Every data is centralized thanks to this software. As such, any data from customer’s contact to service conversations are being registered in one place and easy to update anytime you want. This, and other CRM features are just a few of the innovations made available to gyms and fitness centers that are using a gym software management system.

  • Dashboard-based analytics

Sales CRM software presents meaningful and intuitive dashboard displays where all data are aggregated. This dashboard can be customized and updated based on each employees’ priorities. This process allows each worker to have a quick and easy access to the information that they need. It is also easier to be organized with a proper dashboard display.

  • Lead management

Thanks to sales CRM, pipeline activities, targets and tasks can be tracked from prospect to conversions. This system enables users to have an overview of the company’s activities whether it be in the locals or on the fields. Management’s decisions can be made faster thanks to that and at a distance without any issues.

  • File and content sharing

As long as one is part of the company, he/she will be able to upload any documents, files, pictures or videos needed to the CRM software. All these information will then be kept in a centrally stored location. From there, it will be possible for each employee to instantly and easily share information.

  • Sales forecasting

With sales CRM, your workers will be able to have access to forecasting reports. These reports enable sales representatives to have a better visibility over their pipelines, see how close they are to hit their target and Qualified leads in a more accurate way. Once the reports are done, they can be shared to any worker as a way to motivate them.

  • Email tracking and possibility of integration with Gmail and Outlook

The CRM software can be synchronized with clients’ email. Thanks to that, business people can get an entire overview of their customers. It will also allow managers to lead without having the need to log in and out of different applications. With this synchronization, contacts and calendars can be checked across any device as long as you have an internet connection. It is also possible to manage and create emails in a single workflow.

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