Top Tips For Landing Page Optimisation

Optimising the landing page is one of the most acceptable methods to enhance your PPC campaign effectiveness and optimise your ROI. In recent years, Word Stream has been able to give hundreds of tips and techniques on your landing page to optimise your campaigns – but what is our favourite and always works best?

This piece will review many of our highest ideas to provide you with a thorough approach to optimising the PPC landing page. Also work on SEO of your websites and rectify all SEO mistakes in your published pages. Get more info on SEO to get the best results. 

Each one of the tactics outlined below has an instant influence on your converting rates from minor changes to courageous Show-stop optimisation measures.

Change The Flow Of Your Landing Pages Radically

You may feel like moving the needle to change the colours of a button and font kerning, but in fact, you waste time and are not given a chance of large conversions.

It would help if you made significant adjustments to get great results, and changing the registration flow of your landing pages is a significant change. Look, in a recent blog article on boosting conversion rates, in action. This landing page gives you one method to register and three — all placed differently to meet the visitor’s specific demands. Whatever modifications you make to your registration flow, ensure that the A/B tests make intelligent choices based on factual data.

Make Your Landing Page Forms Easy To Use

Ever completed the completion of a mobile device online form? No? Then your chances are expected to be insanity. This is vital advice in and for a good cause in our next post on the landing page. Mobile advertisements are pretty efficient since they attract customers to buy anything right now, meaning that they need to convert your mobile landing pages easily – and their formats – while on the go.

As an example below, Progressive made it almost effortless for the visitor to submit his information from this blog article regarding landing page forms. It would probably take longer even to send a basic text message.

Use ‘Customer Voice’ In Your Copy

Design considerations are highly crucial for a landing page’s success, but the copying – if not more – is just as important. The “Customers’ voice” is one of the finest techniques to design an attractive Landing Page.

All too many landing pages are loaded with sleazy marketing wordings (and marketing materials generally), and terminology is taken out of the sales instruction manuals. This is especially apparent in companies, many of which believe that the more indescribable the language, the better. However, consumers’ use of its vocabulary is considerably more successful, and the conversion rate will be far greater.

Include Your Landing Pages With Video

It may be pretty strong to use video on your landing pages, especially if you attempt to express a complicated topic without embedding your guests with texts. Video is also a fantastic method to strengthen your messaging and branding in general.

Use only call campaigns

Another technique that eliminates the requirement for landing pages is our final page conversion optimization. The reason for this is that it just blows the rest from the water in terms of their possible influence on your conversion rates. Users are, on average, NINE times more likely than desktop SERP to convert from their mobile SERP. In addition to having calls to companies at least three times more than clicks, you may use Call-Only campaigns to forsake the standard destination page.


Remember that there are always exceptions to rules and that many of the specific guidelines on use are misconceptions. Use your information always to inform the choice marking on your landing page.

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