5 Best Tools To Easily Create Video Collages

Video collages come as fun ways of making a feed look interesting and fresh. It is always a good idea to create collage stories of vacations or about different events. That’s because it is not just interesting but even easy to make a collage. 

And creating one is not that difficult because tons of tools are available that can help you create top-quality video collages in minutes! These tools are aimed at joining together different parts of a video artistically into a single clip.

This way, you will be able to present the excerpts of your vacation or present the products and services of your business in the form of a breath-taking video. Present your videos in style with these 5 best tools for creating video collages:

1. Fastreel

Fastreel comes in handy for the ones who want to get on with powerful and effective online video collage editing. This online tool stands as proof of the fact that you do not require any kind of bulky installations and any powerful and expensive software for making video collages.

It is one tool that enables users to create the best of video collages online and that too without facing any problems or hurdles. There is a free plan available along with a premium plan for users who would like to go for the advanced features of this tool. And best of all, you can do everything from the browser itself without installing or downloading anything.

Presets which contain LUTs are available that make it very easy for the users to edit pictures in pictures and even in templates, including the 1:1, 16:9, and 9:16 ratios. Fastreel boasts of simple and easy-to-use editing tools such as speed altering and cropping.

Users of this tool can also add audio to their video collages easily while making it in their browsers. This video collage-making tool supports several photo and video file formats making it easy for the users to create collages right from scratch capcut mod apk video editor premium unlocked in addition with compatibility with all android, desktop, ios, and tablet versions.

This is the right time for you to start with the process of making a video before paying anything. Use the drag-and-drop media feature of this tool to get started easily.

2. Kapwing

This free video collage-making tool has got a 4.5 rating mainly because of its features and also its ease of use. Of course, Kapwing possesses certain features that you will have to pay for, but the basic functionalities are completely free of cost provided you create an account.

This tool has been designed specifically for creating video collages. Users can add several pictures in the video grid collage while adding several photos to the same frame. This is a free video collage-making tool that allows users to add videos and pictures in the same frame while playing them simultaneously.

The functionalities of this tool are limited. But this is not a major problem for those who want to make some of the most basic video collages. This free online video collage-making tool recognized innumerable image, video, and GIF files and even came with an automatic subtitle tool.

It allows its users to edit and easily publish videos without watermark absolutely free. Users can also trim, slow down, and speed up their video footage easily.

3. InVideo

InVideo is an online video collage-making tool that helps you in making video collages within just a few minutes. You can use the tool for creating amazing video collages simply by combining multiple videos together.

You can create the most dazzling and effective video collages using your very own video shots and clips from the gallery on your device. Apart from this, you also get the scope of accessing 1 million and more premium stock clips and footage from the video editor’s very own media library.

This video collage maker boasts of ready-to-use templates that can be used for making incredibly stunning and wonderful video collages right on your browser. And yes, you can even add effects and music to your video collage.

It helps users in creating video collages that set their brands apart. As this tool comes in handy, you can easily make effective use of some of the most enthralling video collages to lift your brand’s online presence.

Speaking of tons of video collage-making tools such as background music and transitions right at the users’ fingertips, this tool makes it very simple and fast to create fun collages.

Not only this, but this video collage making tool also provides its users with an assortment of brand new and exciting video collage templates that can be chosen for making the work look more professional and polished.

4. Kizoa Collage Maker

The Kizoa collage maker is an absolutely free online video editing and collage-making tool, letting users create video and photo collages directly in their browsers. One of the most exciting attributes of this tool is it offers users the ability to add animation. This means that creating animated collages is a possibility with the use of Kizoa.

It also has good support for different image formats such as PNG, JPEG, and even the live photos available on iPhones. With the use of Kizoa, change live photos easily into videos.

5. Animoto

If you want to take your video collage-making endeavors to the greatest heights, you must use Animoto. Animoto’s huge collection of completely customizable templates enables users to create video collages for varied purposes.

The users only need to decide whether they would like to make a property explainer video collage, new product launch video collage, or go with step-based tutorials to explain the use of their products and services.


Making video collages is not a difficult task, especially when you have the option of trying any of these above-mentioned web-based tools for creating fun video collages in the easiest way possible. So, get creative and start posting engaging content for broadening your audience. With all these, you can remain assured that the outcome will be really worth it. 

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