The Arrival of Audio Social Applications

If you have a glimpse at the timeline of social platforms, you can learn one thing that a specific form of content has dominated for a particular period. Social Platforms were engulfed with video content for the past five years. Many social applications had also changed their characteristics to video-centric. Such was the boom of video content. Currently, a new form of content has started to make rounds. It is the audio-form content. A recent article from MIT has noted that audio content may gain the same reach as video content in the coming times. The article further added that audio content might also become the future of social media. Thus, this means that social media marketers must learn to craft engaging audio content to maximize their brand awareness and to increase the conversion rate. 

The Growing Importance of Audio Content: 

Audio Content has been gaining massive reach in recent times. Major social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat have introduced audio rooms after seeing the sudden boom of this form of content. One of the reasons that are commonly mentioned for the reach of this content is that it decreases screen time. People spend a huge part of their everyday life by working in front of laptops. According to a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn, seven out of ten people have said that they were extending their working hours after work from home due to the pandemic outbreak. Hence, a considerable number of people had suffered eye strain due to sitting in front of laptops for prolonged hours which prompted them to decrease their screen time as much as possible. So, even during their leisure time, they should also limit their time on social platforms by watching content on it. Thus, audio content has bridged this gap by helping people consume content without having to watch it. This can also be considered as one of the reasons that contributed to the current boom of audio content. Video content also had a huge boom in the same way. If you opt to go with video marketing then TikTok will be a perfect one. You can buy tikok hearts from any reasonable paid services to gain traffic to your TikTok videos.

For a long time now, social platforms have been opinion-sharing places. People used to speak and share views on various topics such as music, entertainment, politics, global issues, etc. Many keyboard warriors use to type paragraphs to express their opinion. Thus, the advent of audio social applications is a great boon for them as they can share their thoughts vocally in real-time. This is also one of the factors that helped in the reach of audio-centric social applications. 

The Launch of Clubhouse:

It is ideal to state that the boom of audio content began with the launch of the Clubhouse. The application, which started its journey on the android phones in the midst of May, is a significant factor contributing to the reach of the audio content. The platform gained a massive reach within a shorter period as it currently surpassed over 3 million downloads on Android phones. Clubhouse has made this achievement in a very short period of time, raising the eyebrows of tech companies around the world. Social media marketers were also amazed to find the sudden spike in the reach of the audio-centric content. Only now have they come to know how much people are fond of this form of content. 

Clubhouse is designed in such a manner that it enables the user to decide what kind of rooms should be available on his feed. Based on the interests chosen by you, the platform will let you know the rooms that are present. This will eventually help people easily glue with the platform as they will only find the content that matches their interests. Though Clubhouse has launched its beta version now, it has gained massive reception among people from all parts of the world. According to research by Trollishly, people are increasingly making a jump to Clubhouse from other social applications. This is because Clubhouse allows people to optimize their feed according to their interests. Currently, many marketers have moved into this platform, creating rooms and giving speeches, and interacting with people about their products. Hence, Clubhouse has gained vast importance in terms of marketing. People have also started to consider this application a knowledge-sharing place as they listen to experts talking from various fields. Thus, this platform has been working as both entertainment and knowledge gaining place. Currently, the number of people using this platform has increased considerably.   

Wrapping Up:  

Audio Social Applications are expected to bring changes to the landscape of the social media industry in the coming times. Hence, marketers should have their focus on these social applications as they may gain a potential place for lead generation. 

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