Best Free and Legal Android Apps to Watch Live TV in 2022

Entertainment was always considered at the top of the list. However finding an online authentic free platform for Movies, Series, and IPTV Channels is difficult. Thus focusing the objective here we are back with this new detailed article on Best Live TV Apps.

We have already witnessed plenty of different official online platforms. Which are popular as well as trending among android users. Yet accessing the direct content is impossible without purchasing a premium subscription license.

Therefore considering the android user’s request, here we brought the best collection of Android apps. Those are free to access online and offer a secure online channel. Where the viewers can enjoy endless entertainment without being worried.

What are Live TV Apps

Live TV App is considered to be the online IPTV platform where Android users can stream infinite Movies and Series. Including IPTV Channels for free without purchasing a premium license. All they require is a stable internet connection.

In past times when people never had access to the internet. At that time Dish and VCRs were popular and considered expensive. Only well financially stronger people can afford to purchase such services. Without the time when people start realizing the multiple opportunities.

They decided to purchase and avail themselves of cable services over monthly plans. For average users, such services were considered affordable. Yet the people with busy schedules start to experience trouble sparing free time for watching their favorite TV Programs.

Till this time the internet and smartphones were launched in the market. And people have already taken advantage of this opportunity and started watching TV Shows over smartphones. But with time, they again experience trouble in the form of subscriptions.

This means without purchasing the premium subscription fee. It is impossible for android users to enjoy endless entertainment. However, out there plenty of other free platforms including apps are available for choose.

But installing such applications may ask for unnecessary permissions such as Gallery, Phonebook and Storage section, etc. Unless the users agree to allow certain permissions, they are never allowed to access the main dashboard.

Allowing such permissions may increase the data vulnerability. So focusing on the android users’ security and privacy, we are finally back with a great collection of Android Live TV Apps. Which are free to access and secure to install.

IPTV Smarters Pro

A large number of android users are familiar with the platform. Because this application is considered to be the best online entertainment platform. That allows the users to watch Movies, Series, and TV Programs for free.

All they require to do is just download the latest version of the App file from the official source. If any android user purchase a premium subscription and had to M3U URL. But now he/she cannot access the website due to a payment issue.

Then don’t worry because, with IPTV Smarter Pro, users can enjoy remote streaming embedding M3U URLs. The main dashboard is added inside the application that allows people to watch different facilities. Those include Live TV, VOD Series TV Catch up, etc.

Pikashoo App

A well-known familiar platform that offers direct access to endless Hollywood, Bollywood Movies, and IPTV Channels. No registration or subscription is required to enjoy premium content. Just install the app and enjoy premium content.

While exploring the application, plenty of different features appeared over the screen. Those include Custom Search Filter, Rich Categories, Speedy Servers, Push Notification Reminder, Inbuilt Video Player, No Ads, and more.

The riches feature that android users gonna like a detailed setting dashboard offers different options. Enabling or disabling the particular options inside will help modify the application. Moreover, Rich Categories will reflect only niche-based content.


The best online source that allows the users to stream infinite entertainment including IPTV Channel. For free without investing a single penny or purchasing a subscription. The only thing users may require is an online M3U format file.

Generally, the application never owns a direct inbuilt playlist. The users are requested to generate one for watching videos as well as IPTV’s. Remember till now we are unable to witness any direct third-party ads inside.

This means the users can enjoy smooth streaming without disturbance. Those who are interested in watching third-party source videos. Can also do that by using UDP and HTTP Streams by fetching direct URLs to watch YouTube videos etc.

Zeta Play

Another best android application is specially structured focusing on sports fans. Now integrating the application inside the android smartphones will allow the users. To stream different soccer Live Matches for free without any interruption.

The process of watching live matches is very simple. First, the users are requested to download the latest version of the application from Play Store. Now install it inside an android smartphone using the classic method. And enjoy endless football matches.

Apart from Football, the developers are planning to add up other sports-related channels. So the sports fans can enjoy a stream without being distracted. Till now we are unable to find any third-party ads inside. Furthermore, a detailed setting dashboard will assist modify key features.


Hence you considered yourself a big fan of entertainment including Movies, Series, and TV Shows. And seeking an online secure free source for watching IPTVs as well. Then read this review and install mentioned apps to enjoy free online premium content.

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