7 Top Songs and Video Music that Offer Unique Things to Music Lovers

New songs and video music were published each year, including pop-rap, K-pop, rock, country, and many more Some of them become the most popular songs. The songs and video music were released on televisions, radios, and other music streaming platforms. Check the list of the most popular songs and video music worldwide.


Essence is the latest song by Wizkid. It became the most popular international song. Because of that, Wizkid became one of the most famous pop artists in Africa. This song feels easy listening and unique due to the mix of American R&B, Afrowsing, and even Nigerian percussion. As a result, listeners are listening to Afro beats without losing the modern sounds. In 2021, Essence hit the top position in several American charts.

All Too Well 

Indeed, everyone knows Taylor Swift with her flourishing melody in all her songs. All Too Well attracts music lovers because Swift releases the 10-minute version. Just like other Swift’s songs and videos, the lyrics and music video contain sinister elements about young couple relationships. Because of that, young music listeners enjoy the song and video because it seems to relate to their relationship.

Drivers License 

Olivia Rodrigo is also a young talented singer that produced great songs. One of the songs is Drivers License which brings ballads so beautifully. The song is about the awful feeling of getting a driving license after a breakup. Just like Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo is also successfully delivering an easy listening and relatable song and video to her fans and music lovers.

Montero (Call Me by Your Name) 

You may think that Call Me by Your Name by Lis Nas X is one of the most eye-catching songs and video music. In the Montero video clip, Lil Nas X performs attractively by dancing a satanic movement. It looks so progressive, along with a pair of shoes by Nike. All the casts in this music video look so scary and captivating. It can be the reason why music lovers are so curious and interested to watch video clips and listen to music.


Lucy Dacus is successfully creating music and videos that catch the early-adolescent romance through VBS. Music lovers seem to feel a deeper sadness while listening to the music and enjoy the video clip. The lyric is so poetic that it seems to represent the deep emotion and complexity. For example, Lucy Dacus wrote you said that I showed you the light, but in the end, it made the dark feel darker than before.

Leave the Door Open 

Bruno Mars is coming back. Now, he is collaborating with Anderson Paak to perform a catchy song entitled Leave the Door Open. The music seems to be a ballad, along with a glorious melody. Once music lovers listen to the music over again, they will know that this music is pure romance with a strong drum hook.

Happier Than Ever 

Happier Than Ever by Billie Ellish is magical. The song starts with a gentle and sulky ballad melody. It shocks music lovers because the song continues with a pop-punk explosion rhythm. The song and video seem to be the perfect anthem for today’s conditions. Ellish explains that being happier than ever doesn’t mean that you are happier than others but you are happier than you were before.

From the list above, you can conclude that all of the top songs and video music are popular because of the eye-catching and easy listening rhythm. They can also offer something new and unique to the music industry and portray the latest condition. Indeed, music lovers prefer to listen to relatable songs about their life, including love relationships, daily conditions, and anything else.

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