Meme Template the bank of all humorous memes (2021)

Meme template: here is THE page on the internet to find all blank memes to fill out and customize according to your inspiration! It is sometimes difficult to find some empty memes; they are all available here in good quality. You can find best Meme Generator by clicking on this highlighted link. Read some further info about memes below;

Meme: definition

The word “meme” was coined in 1987; it is a contraction of the Greek word “mimesis” which means “imitation” with the word “gene”. For Richard Dawkins – the theorist who coined the term meme – it is a phenomenon comparable to genes because they are multipliers. To popularize, a meme can be multiplied to infinity. Today, the same is everywhere, on all social networks. When you want to react to the news, respond to a user or even describe a situation, using a meme is sometimes the best way to communicate. Today, big companies sometimes use these humorous images to get their point across. This phenomenon is totally democratized, from Elon Musk to Donald Trump, everyone uses them.

Meme template: more than 300 blank memes! To fill according to your inspiration

The same classics!

We will start with the classic memes, the most famous on the web and the most often used the same template of Drake, Johnny Deep on the bench or even Batman.

SpongeBob meme template 

Created by Stephen Hillenburg, SpongeBob Square Pants is a popular character around the world who is the comic hero of an American cartoon. A classic in the history of memes, SpongeBob Square Pants is the star of the web and is regularly used as a meme template.

“Hide the Pain Harold” meme template

We see him everywhere on the web. The “Aide the Pain Harold” meme has a very special story. The ultra-popular “old man with a fake smile” He had a blog where he posted travel photos. A professional photographer contacted him to take pictures of him, finding that he had a certain charisma. It was in 2011 that the photos of András Arató were popularized on the web with his embarrassed smile in front of his computer, Internet users baptized the main person concerned: “Hide the Pain Harold” which means in French: “Harold hides the pain. »Today is a real star!

Simpson’s meme template

The Simpsons Meme Templates are clearly mythical characters. What made the great popularity of the series is surely the range of personalities that we find in all the episodes maybe too much? We remember Apu, the Indian manager of Kwik-E-Mart who was removed from the series because his accent was considered to cliché from Homer’s follies to the intelligence of Lisa, the greed of Charles Montgomery Burns to the very prudish Ned Flanders. Here are the best meme templates for the Simpsons.

Meme template animals, cat, and dog

Animals are very popular on the internet. We no longer count the videos and memes on chats on social networks. Not to mention dogs and in particular the Shiba Inu, the famous doge-meme, which has been highly publicized since Elon Musk’s releases on the cryptocurrency Dogecnoi. From the Doge itself to the cats that cries, including the howling seagull. You have it all!

Wojak AKA Feels Guy

You have obviously already seen the famous Wojak, this meme character drawn in black and white. He is also called “Feels Guy” because he has many possible expressions. It represents in a simple way several emotions and feelings: stupidity, melancholy, loneliness, nervousness. It is commonly used on social networks, especially on Twitter. He is often represented to make fun of a person, also widely used to denigrate ideas, especially in politics. Its use is often ironic.

The office, a nugget for memes templates!

The Office is a sitcom born in the United States and created by Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais. If you’ve never seen it, you’re probably missing out on one of the best comedy series of recent years. The characters all have atypical, extroverted, crazy, introverted, serious personalities. There are all the characters that one could find in the context of the work, with obviously more advanced personality traits.

The memes of Pepe Frog, the green frog!

Pepe Frog is originally a character created by Matt Furie. Used in the “Boy’s Club” comic strip, today it is personified, humanized in every way. It can be illustrated in different ways, showing exaggerated emotions.

The most famous of the frogs, Pepe Frog here it is from different angles

“The laughing man” how can we not talk about El Risitas?

How to speak of a meme without evoking the man who laughs in a television show? El Risitas, real name Juan Joya Borja, became a meme following a 2007 TV interview. El Risitas has become so popular that in 2021, following a leg amputation he suffered due to cardiovascular disease, members of the jeuxvideos.com forum has contributed to help him. In total, they raised 14,000 euros. This is the most used meme on the JVC forum, especially for 18-25-year-olds.

Meme template: the best in bulk!

If you haven’t found your favorite meme template yet, it might be below. Here is a bit loose, a best-of all the memes templates. You can get meme generator by clicking on the highlighted link which is mentioned in this article. 

Popular cartoon characters

This cartoon has notified the birth of many familiar cartoon characters. SpongeBob Square pants, the protagonist of the story. A sponge named Bob is dressed in a red tie. Krab’s fast food assistant “Krusty Krab” is best friends with starfish Patrick Star, lives in a pineapple-shaped house and has a pet snail named Gary with a cat-like personality. He loves catching jellyfish and blowing bubbles

  • Patrick Star, SpongeBob’s best friend, the fat pink starfish, lives in a stone house, loves to make mistakes, is a little smart. He doesn’t do anything. Loves to catch jellyfish and is always by SpongeBob’s side.
  • Squidward Tentacles SpongeBob and Patrick’s neighbor octopus works with Mr. Krab as a cashier, plays Clarinet, are selfish, and like to quarrel with SpongeBob.
  • Mr.Krabs, the owner of Krusty Krab restaurant, is very lazy, serious about his work. But there is a recipe for the most delicious burger in Bikini Bottom.
  • Plankton owns an unsuccessful Mr.Krabs competitor restaurant he who always waited to be an opponent. Always tried to steal recipes from Mr. Krabs, but failed.
  • Sandy, another friend of SpongeBob, is a squirrel in a wetsuit, tomboyish personality, good at karate and science.

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