Learn about electric skateboards and how to buy them, so you don’t have to regret it later.

You are determined to buy an electric skateboard, but you don’t know which one to choose and how to ride an electric skateboard.  Do not panic! Here can help you choose the best one for you and with safety instructions. And make sure you don’t regret your purchase. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Before buying an electric skateboard online or in-store, it is advisable to educate yourself and not buy blindly.

Riding electric skateboard as a beginner

People who have not yet set foot on a skateboard or any other type of longboard before shouldn’t risk using an electric skate right away. Indeed, it is preferable that they first learn the basics from professionals with a standard board. Otherwise, there are a bunch of exciting tutorials and courses out there on the web. You have to train gradually and regularly. The duration of learning the basics can vary between one to two weeks. But it depends on the individual because everyone has their own pace to assimilate the techniques, but as much to take the time necessary to master the subject. So, it would help if you did not rush to electric skate without knowing these basics.

Find your cheap electric skate.

Your choice of electric skate should be based on various criteria, including battery life, power, speed, terrain type, charging time, etc. and of course, there is also a price. To find a cheap electric skate, you can browse sites to find good plans. Finally, compare offers before making your purchase. If the idea tempts you, you can look for information from the net to guide you on this project. And if you want to get one of the best sites, you can go to the Lumbuy shopping.

How do skateboarding safely?

Let’s start with the essential thing in electronic skateboarding like safety, skateboarding or scootering. Let’s first see  what the essentials are for it.

  • Protection-

Your helmet should be your best friend. Whether it is mandatory in your city or not, you should always wear it. As a beginner, it is also recommended to equip yourself with knee pads, elbow pads and hand protectors. Hands will be your first reflection, and their protections are vital to ensure the best protection.

  • Seeing-

When you are on your Lumbuy Electric skateboard, especially at night or in the dark, you should have a place to see it here everything. In this area, there are no restrictions: wear as much light as possible on your or skate. Also, don’t forget the vested or reflective armbands and bright clothing so other road users can see you. Security comes first!

  • Understand-

When you find yourself on bike paths or even on the roadways when nothing is found there, don’t hesitate to do everything to be understood by other users.

  • Stay focused-

Some wear electric skateboarder headphones. However, the first one is not recommended and even less so for any novice skateboarder! They have isolated you from your external environment, especially in the city where it is dangerous. Like you, a car can convince you that it’s coming, and you can’t hear it. So, take care of this.

  • Pay attention to the terrain-

Do not use your skate when the road is wet. This goes without saying about the experienced skater, but a novice skater doesn’t know it: the wet road is very slippery, and a skid can happen quickly. This place is not recommended for any trainee to go straight away on dirt, sand or small stone roads, which can be very dangerous if stuck in the wheels.

  • Speed ​​is limited-

Got a new electric skate that can reach speeds of up to 40km / h? You are tempted to push it to its limits to test it, but you should still refrain at least initially. The fall is more likely to happen with your level and can be very deadly, especially since you still don’t know how to cope with your fall. Our advice is, therefore, to walk below the limits that you can run. So, if an unexpected obstacle appears directly in front of you, you can still jump off the skateboard.

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