Horrible Friend Fun Game Cards Against Disney

I am so happy I listened to my friend’s advice as my very own set of Cards Against Disney arrived in the mail, this week. She told me to buy it from Pick.Cards and it was delivered really quickly. Not only that but it was half price, as well, such a great deal for a really enjoyable party game.

I only started playing this last month, after my friend introduced it to me. It is such a scream! I spend all my time crying with laughter at some of the answers we come up with. I am sure you all have played Cards Against Humanity before? Well, this version is all based around Disney. Disney!? 

Can you imagine that? To have all those wonderfully cute characters, from the Walt Disney movies and cartoons, mixed up with the funniest and filthiest jokes ever!

We played the card game with several of our friends who have a similar look on life – pretty warped really – and we played for hours over chips and beer. It was so much fun that I had to buy my own copy of the game. My friend told me thetechboy she bought hers from the online shop as they have the best version out there. There are other websites you could get it but they are not as good quality as the Pick.Cards edition.

I bought the Cards Against Disney Red Box Set. It comes with 828 cards in total and encased in a very nice red box that comprises of 568 white cards and 260 red cards. Yes, it is a real physical box not like many of the others out there which are just a digital download.

The rules of the game are very simple, if you have never played before. Each player will take it in turns to read out one of the Question cards while the other players must choose from one of their Answer cards. The funniest combination (which usually means the rudest) wins the round. You can start a game with just four of you although many more can join in. Though the game might take longer as you will spend most of the night laughing so hard.

Oh, with Cards Against Disney being so crude, this is not fo the younger members of your hdhub4u group or people who might get easily offended. The box states this is only for those 17 years and older and it is for a good reason too.

I mean, just take a look at some of these examples:

Spare your lies temptress! Your emperor is defeated and I’m immune to_____

Since when is _____ a Disney Princess?

I’m straight, but _____ could turn me gay.

Stop trying to make _____ happen. Its not going to happen.

Thanks to Disney, I have unrealistic expectations about _____

Thanks to your new friend Ping, you will spend tonight_____

If that is not enough, look at these:

Governor Ratcliffe

Grievous bodily harm

Gumbo flavoured lube

Hakuna Matata, motherfuckers!

Handling Jason Segal’s “Muppet”

Now you see why this is for adults only and for very deviant people too! I love it so much and it is a great way to spend the evening with all your friends over a cold beer.

Go on and try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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