Fortnite 10 Essential Tips to Earn That Most Desired Victory Royale Spot

To claim a Victory Royale in Fortnite Battle Royale, you must be the last player or team standing. Most of the time, reaching these lofty heights is as much about survival as it is planning or skilful play. Of course, those that win the foremost know the simplest ways to survive, but they even have solid plans and have interaction in skilful play because of tons of practice.

Fortnite has some basic tips that will increase your chances of surviving in game. To help you become a better player at Fortnite, we’ve compiled some tricks, hacks and simple tactics can be helpful when rolls in and get the Victory Royale. Here, you look at ten strategies to achieve his own Victory Royale.

Pick your battles

The quick way to lose is to engage any and every enemy you come upon without considering whether you’re actually able to survive the fight. to survive the fight. When you see two players fighting, keep fire and stay hidden. When a player eliminates the other, begin your attack. Not only is the other player unable to orient himself for a few seconds, but they have also taken some damage and weakened since the first fight.

Learn to aim

A lot of weapons available in Battle Royale means you learn different strategies aims. In Fortnite, the better the weapon, the better your aim. For example, an Epic Infantry Rifle will be slightly easier to aim than a Rare Infantry Rifle. In Fortnite, you can upgrade and buy different tools, weapons and other things through the Fortnite item shop.

The easiest way to practice your aim is to go into Creative mode and shoot a wall, as in the following figure. Observe the accuracy at different ranges and how much bloom there is both when aiming and without aiming. As additional advice and know-how to aim, you can concentrate on having a balanced inventory. A famous combination is having an assault rifle in slot 1, a shotgun in slot 2, a sniper rifle in slot 3, explosives in slot 4, and health or shield items in slot 5.

Build ramps

Battles almost always come down to who can get the height advantage over the other player. If you cannot climb higher using existing structures, as in the following figure, quickly build a ramp.

But you will often have to build your own ramps to gain a height advantage or to reach places that are otherwise inaccessible. When you attacking from a higher position, the player you’re attacking generally sees you less, so they have a smaller target. On the other hand, you can see all the other players.

Always be on Guard

It may sound evident, but you’d be surprised how often you removed due to lack of familiarity. Because of Fortnite nature, it’s easy to get tempted to run fast and dive into challenges, however, doing so will often reveal your current location. On the other hand, when you find yourself in the zone that appears a desolate and abandoned area, be sure to check the vicinity and do your best to observe any construction or structure an enemy has built.

Pick the best gear

Fortnite weapons are the important item of the Fortnite that you have in your hands, because without them you will not be able to inflict much damage. opponents who stand between you and Victory. Fortnite Items are colour-coded to identify their rarity and specialty as follows:

  1. Common weapons – Grey colour
  2. Uncommon weapon – Green colour
  3. Rare weapons – Blue colour
  4. Epic weapons – Purple colour
  5. Legendary weapons – Orange colour
  6. Mythic weapons – Gold colour

The rare weapons inflict more damage, so if you see the weapon itself a rare color, it is always worth the switch.

Stay in cover

You should never run straight in open areas, as that is the easiest way to be detected by an opponent, who may then open fire on you or follow you and set a trap while you are unaware of the presence. hug the exterior of buildings or move through trees to maintain as much coverage as possible. Hiding inside large bushes allows it to remain hidden while still looking around for threats.

Know the map

Get to know the map and keep the focus on map changes with each new update. The best players know the best locations with the best chances for quality loot. Knowing the different locations also makes it easier to get ahead of the storm, as in the following figure. Knowing the different locations also makes it easier to get ahead of the storm, as in the following figure. A good sense of location and direction helps you both use the environment to your advantage and stay out of the storm.

Coordinate with your teammates

When team up with other random players, communication is key. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses and insist on the same from your teammates. for example, you are good at sniping but bad at the building, let your teammate know. Putting the best person in his best role can make you the strongest team. You should try to stay within range of your teammates whenever possible, even when splitting up your squad to outflank your opponents. You never know when you will need to provide support.

Let time dictate the strategy

You cannot use one strategy for the entire Fortnite game      . At the start of a match, you can land in a populated area. This can give you a chance to loot, build your inventory, and start heading towards the centre of the map. For the final game, stay in the storm safety zone and establish a defensive position. Let the fight come to you. Maintain the height advantage while eliminating the remaining players.


It can’t be said enough, practice makes perfect. Take advantage of Creative mode and try all your options. He plays one or more games of various kinds every day. Each time you play the Fortnite game, you will gain a little more experience.

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