3 Best Apps to Stream Live TV Channels on Android

There are so many sources of entertainment but none can replace TV programs or channels. Because such programs give variety and we can enjoy multiple kinds of programs. These include sports, news, music, movies, informative, and many other kinds of entertainment programs.

So, therefore, we always keep a Television device in our homes. However, smartphones have made that possible and more convenient to watch these programs. So, now you don’t need to keep huge TV sets or stay at home to watch these programs.

In order to run live Tv channels on smartphones, you need to install some apps. There are multiple kinds of apps some of them are free and some are paid. However, in today’s article, I am going to discuss some of the apps that you can use on Android for free to Stream Live TV Channels.

I have gone through so many websites to find the best apps for you. So, in this Detailed Review, I have added different apps that allow you to enjoy sports, movies, and other entertainment programs for free. I hope this will help you to enjoy your leisure time.

How to Stream Live TV Channels on Android Smartphones?

You cannot only stream television programs on Android smartphones, but also on tablets. Time has changed and people have different choices and tastes when it comes to television programs. So, one Tv set is not enough for even a single household.

But having multiple television sets is not easy for most people. Therefore, Android phones have provided a great opportunity for people to enjoy their favorite shows. Not only for the Androids, but also on iOS, Windows, and many other kinds of devices.

There are multiple apps that you can use on your phone to enjoy live programs. However, most of the apps that provide quality content are paid and quite expensive. Therefore, I have come up with some free options that are not only free but also provide quality.

However, most of these free sources of entertainment are not authorized. In order to display or share the channels and other similar stuff, you need to license or authorization from the real owners or producers. But if they get a license, then they charge you for it.

Therefore, most of the people who cannot afford to pay expensive charges can use these free sources. In this article, I am going to share some of the best but free apps that you can download and use to enjoy hundreds of live televisions channels even with better video quality.

So, here I am going to share the 3 Best Apps to Stream Live TV Channels on Android. You can have or download them from any third-party app store. Because these are not available in the Play Store as they violate the policies of the store.

Inat Box

Inat Box is one of the most famous live streaming apps for Android mobile phones. It is offering hundreds of channels in multiple languages. But most of them are in Hindi, Urdu, English, and a few more. It is again available on third-party App Stores.

All these programs are categorized into multiple groups and genres. So, that makes it easy and simple for you to find the shows that you are interested in. However, it is not a legal platform and does not have any kind of authorization to share the content that you watch there.


Pikashow is another source of entertainment that is offering mostly Indian Tv channels. But if you select the News, Movies, and Sports categories, you will find some international or English channels as programs as well. So, this is again free to download and use.

There are multiple apps with the same name but the app and features are the same. Further, it is available only for Android mobile phones. However, it is again a third-party app that is not legal to use. But it is again up to you whether you want to use it or not.

YouTube Live TV

YouTube Live TV is one of the best free sources to stream live channels. Even you can also have the option to buy the premium channels in the app. You will have access to hundreds of channels for free but in order to unlock more entertainment programs, you can pay.

Are these Live TV Apps Safe?

These are the third-party apps on which one cannot trust at all. Because there is no guarantee whether third-party apps are safe or not. But most of these are designed for entertainment purposes and hundreds of thousands of people are using such apps.


I have shared this article to entertain and educate you about these entertainment apps. But I do not endorse them on any of you. So, these kinds of apps are quite risky to use. Always prefer safe and legal sources to get some entertainment.

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