Your easy guide for finding a reliable accident attorney in Tucson

The immediate impact of a car crash can be hard to process. No matter the fault, consider calling the local police immediately, and if you are injured, call 911 immediately. If you are physically okay, the next step is to collect evidence from the accident scene. Take photos and videos and ask for contact details of everyone involved, including witnesses. Once things settle a bit, you need to consider talking to a Tucson auto accident attorney. Arizona is a fault state, so you will typically file an insurance claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer. Without an attorney, getting a fair settlement can be hard. In this post, we are sharing more on how to select a reliable and capable lawyer for your car accident claim in Tucson, Check out this information.

  1. Ask around. Talk to friends and people you know for references of accident attorneys they have worked with. Recommendations are always handy for comparing your options, and yes, you need a personal injury lawyer, not just any random attorney. 
  2. Check online. If you don’t have recommendations or references, check online. Personal injury law firms in Arizona (at least the majority of them) have web portals, where you can find details of their work profile. Websites like Avvo and Nolo are also handy. 
  3. Call for help. Most accident lawyers will listen to your case on a call, and if they are interested, they will meet in person. You need to check the lawyer’s office’s response and if they handled your call on priority. 
  4. Comprehensive experience is necessary. While most accident claims are settled through negotiations and talks, things can go wrong at times. If your case must be pursued further in court, you need an attorney with trial experience. Ask the lawyer how often they go to trial for their clients. 
  5. Costs are worth discussing. Personal injury lawyers typically work on contingency. The lawyer gets paid if they win the accident claim and get a financial settlement for you. The lawyer can pay other costs related to the case, and when you get the compensation, they will adjust these expenses. The contingency fee should not exceed 40% of the final settlement in most cases. 

Finally, take your time to know your attorney’s approach to the case. The lawyer should explain what you can expect in a settlement so that you can make a decision that’s ideal for your financial situation and circumstances.    

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