Wooden roses wedding bouquet

A tradition that will never get old!

In many ways, getting married marks the beginning of a new chapter in life, and the best part is sharing it with the person you love most in this world. We all want this occasion to be flawless in every way possible. When it comes to wedding flowers, genuine roses may cost upwards of $5000. This amount is big enough to manage for many couples who have budget restrictions. In the end, a couple who wanted roses, but couldn’t afford them, settles for carnations.

But now, you don’t have to give up on your ideal wedding wish of using handmade wooden roses for a truly special occasion. This is a less expensive option with lots of added advantages that brides fell in love with sola wood flowers since they are as lovely as genuine roses.

Why a wooden wedding bouquet is a versatile choice?

Wooden bridal bouquets are the most popular option for the small and intimate weddings of modern times. A floral bouquet providing you all good and no bad is something a bride always dreams for. Sola wood roses are the most cost-effective and flexible option for a wooden bridal bouquet.

Your sola wooden bridal bouquets remain virtually forever, making them the perfect remembrance for a wide variety of occasions. By dripping essential oils over the flowers, it is also feasible to provide a fresh floral smell. Bendable stems of sola wood roses are key to winning the competition with original and fake flowers. With this property, you may utilize artificial flowers in places when the real flowers are not appropriate.

A wooden bouquet also provides you the freedom to choose hues according to your wedding theme. Whether you want golden wooden roses or looking for purple wood flowers, all options are available for you. It is so easy to dye sola wood roses and other floral mimics in any desired natural or artificial color options.

Your wooden rose bridal bouquet is not only a beautiful memoir, but you can also use it to create beautiful arrangements or Flower arrangement classes with BFOR centerpieces for your home. You can also store your wooden bridal bouquet as it is for your silver, golden, or platinum wedding anniversaries as they always remain fresh and beautiful.

How to create a wooden rose bridal bouquet?

Like arranging actual flowers, you can create an equally beautiful wooden bouquet with sola wood flowers (roses). A few different tools are used, depending on the material from which they are made.

It’s easy to make a beautiful wooden roses bridal bouquet in the given manner:

  • Wooden roses are available at in a wide range of hues, including original ivory and white colors.
  • Create your sola wooden rose bouquet by combining your wood flower and fillers with the help of appropriate tools.
  • Tie your bouquet of wooden roses by bundling them together in a similar fashion to actual flowers. Make sure to equally distribute additional components in the bouquet, such as filler greenery or foliage, glitter, and wooden roses.
  • Finally, finish the bouquet’s appearance by adding ribbon and other embellishments.
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