Window Tinting Maryland – 4 Major Types of Window Films

Whether you want to improve the look of your car or home at affordable rates, window tinting Maryland would be the best choice. And for cars, it is the best possible option to apply quality window films on the surface of your car.

Of course, drastic changes are not always required and necessary to create a customized look. Sometimes, just a simple thing and addition can make all the difference and give your car a completely unmatchable look and vibe.

Depending on your needs and wants, you can apply them to your windshields, rear and front side windows, wings, and even your back windows. There are four most common types of window films available in the market today that you can choose from.

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Dyed window tint:

The majority of people apply window films to beautify and increase their car’s appearance rather than functionality. And if adding a darkest look to the car is your biggest concern, then dyed window films in a deep black color would be the biggest bet for you. It will appear opaque from an outside view.


  • It has non-reflective properties
  • Blocks glare from the sun, and bright reflections
  • Minimize interior fading from the sun
  • Cost-effective

Metalized window tint:

It is embedded in the metallic particles, which makes this film thicker. Plus, it contains an adhesive base layer that sticks to the car window easily and properly. This type of film is best to block harmful ultraviolet radiations, as well as it can reflect heat and darken the glass.


  • It does not fade
  • Blocks and reflects heat
  • Provide high heat reduction
  • Durable and can block UV rays

Hybrid window tint:

It is the combo of both above-mentioned tints. This type of film also contains adhesives that can easily adhere to the glass window. And as it is incorporated with a dyed and metallic film along with a layer of protective coating on the top, this film is able to prevent scrapes.

Moreover, the dyed layer in this film can block the light, whereas the metallic layer is able to create a dark and crisp appearance. On top of all its benefits, this filming option is considered the best performing option.


  • Blocks heat, glare, and UV rays
  • It is less expensive than metallic film
  • Never interfere with electronics
  • Increased durability

Carbon window tint:

If you are looking for a matte black finishing for your car windows, no other option can better beat this filming option. This film provides a dark, matte black, and sleek finishing. The best thing about these films is that they can block infrared light. Therefore, if you have leather seats and upholstery material for your car seats that can easily get faded due to the harmful rays of sunlight, then this tinting option will be best for you.


  • Protects you and your car interiors
  • It provides an authentic black appearance
  • It is fade resistant
  • Reduces heat and glare

Thus, these are the most common options of window tinting in Maryland that have their own features and benefits, so you can choose easily according to your personal preferences.

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