Why You Should Only Buy High Quality Edibles

Buying edibles for the first time can be difficult, especially if you do not have a specific brand or don’t know what to look out for in an edible. In addition, cannabis edibles get into your body, and if they are not of good quality, they can lead to health complications.

When purchasing, there are many things to rely on to know how quality the edibles are, besides looking at the brand’s website reviews. Do your research too and ask around for people who have used products from that company.

Do Not Buy Low Quality Edibles

As the Cannabis market continues to grow, so are more companies venturing into the manufacturer of edibles. Unfortunately, some of these companies don’t have the right know-how. Others use wrong ingredients and methods of manufacturing.

Although cannabis edibles have side effects, low-quality edibles have worse side effects and can even cause worse harm. Below are the reasons you should avoid low-quality edibles.

They Won’t Treat Your Symptoms

Cannabis works differently for different people because the bodies have different chemical compositions. So although you won’t experience the same symptoms another person experiences, the compound will treat your symptoms.

Low-quality cannabis edibles do not have the correct quantity or quality CBD and THC, so the product will not treat your symptoms. Other manufacturers include ingredients that could be harmful to the body and don’t indicate that in stickers.

They Contain Unknown Potency

The amount of THC and CBD in edibles should be correctly measured and indicated. People consider the potency of cannabis in the edibles when buying to know the dosage they need.

Taking cannabis edibles with too high THC or CBD is overdosing and could cause you harm. Ensure you check the labels for information about the potency before buying. If you are starting to take cannabis edibles, start with lower amounts and doses.

You can buy edibles with as low potency as 1 mg to start. Then, increase the quantity gradually until you get one that treats your symptoms well.

Delayed Onset Of Effects Could Lead To Overdose

Cannabis edibles are different from vapes and tinctures in the duration they take to show the effects. If you started taking the compound by taking tinctures or smoking, you probably are used to experiencing the results fast.

Edibles take 3-4 hours to feel the effects. The delay could result in increasing the dose, which will lead to an overdose. In addition, edibles have side effects, and overusing them will have worse side effects than those you would get usually.

Chances Of Addiction And Self Harm

Cannabis products have low amounts of THC. THC is the psychoactive compound available in cannabis, and it only causes hyperactivity in high doses. Therefore, low-quality cannabis products contain unknown amounts of THC.

High amounts of THC could lead to hyperactivity, and some people become violent when high and can result in self-harm or harming others. Also, the high amounts of THC could lead to addiction which is difficult to treat.

What to Consider When Buying Cannabis Edibles


Brands become reputable because of the quality of their products. Consider buying the edibles from known brands to avoid taking low-quality cannabis edibles that can cause harm to your body.

Dynaleo is a trusted manufacturer. Their cannabis-infused edibles are available in a range of flavours and formulations- for the wellness-minded CBD consumer to the relaxation-focused THC consumer. You can learn more about Dynaleo here.

Comprehensive Labelling Info

Ensure the edibles you buy have complete information. For example, have they included all ingredients in the product? Is there a safety precaution for any component that could cause harm?

The information provided about the product should also be from a third-party lab. Products tested by third-part labs are safe to use because the lab ensures they contain the right ingredients with the right quantity of the compound.

Ease Of Using And Dosing

Consider another brand if you are using a cannabis product that gives you uncertainty around dosing and using. The competition of edible manufacturers is high, and to differentiate between the best company, get one that offers full dosing information.

When buying, don’t consider edibles with different sizes of pieces. For example, the gummies in the container should be of similar size and shape and should contain the same amount of cannabis. Also, avoid manufacturers who indicate a definite dosage.

How Does It Taste?

Remember you are choosing to go the edibles way because you have difficulties swallowing pills and smoking vapes. If the edibles are not appealing to your taste buds, look elsewhere. They should be delicious and have the taste of your favourite snack.

Try one before you buy and if it is impossible, go to the reviews section on their website. You can also ask around for people’s experience after using certain edibles or from that specific brand.

Prices Matter

Cannabis is expensive to buy and manufacture into different products. They have lower quality cannabis and are manufactured using a cheaper process. You most likely want to get the most affordable products, but don’t go for the lowest-priced ones.

Choose to spend more to get quality cannabis products to treat your symptoms and not cause adverse effects. Buy from a trusted brand and dealers. Also, stick to one manufacturer to continue enjoying the benefits of cannabis.

Side Effects

Cannabis edibles are foreign substances people introduce to their bodies to cure other symptoms. Any foreign substance in the body has side effects, and so do edibles. However, the side effects are not similar for everyone, and they should not be unbearable.

Some side effects you will experience are drowsiness, dry mouth, headaches, nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea. These effects are severe when you begin taking the compound but disappear as the body gets used to them. However, if they persist, seek treatment.

Final Words

People take cannabis edibles to treat chronic pain, epilepsy and alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms. However, getting the wrong edibles will not treat the symptoms but cause more pain and side effects. Only buy edibles from known brands.

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