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Why You Should Not Miss Out Your Logbook Servicing Schedule

If you own a car, you must be familiar with the concept of logbook servicing, which is an important type of car servicing.

You can also regard logbook servicing as one of the necessities not only to maintain your warranty but also to prolong the life of your vehicle.

Usually, the car manufacturer gives the logbook with the essential information about how to maintain your warranty.

The logbook contains the schedule of all the services a car owner needs to perform over the car’s entire life.

There is another benefit of maintaining a regular logbook service. And, that is, you will get a better resale value for your car when you eventually sell it.

Maintaining Logbook Service: The Key Benefits

Maintaining regular logbook service can entail many benefits, such as:

Lesser Repairs

When you maintain your regular logbook servicing, it means that you have taken adequate care of your car. As a result, there will be lesser damages to your car. Hence it will not necessitate more secondary repairs. So, you will see a reduction in repair costs for your car. In addition to lessening damages, maintaining regular logbook servicing will extend your car’s lifespan. You need to search for a mechanic Townsville to check if your car needs any repairs.


Another benefit of conducting regular logbook servicing is helping you claim a warranty. If you cannot show regular logbook servicing, your warranty can become void. Therefore, you should ensure that you maintain your regular logbook services. It will not only help you to keep your car in good condition, but it also to get the benefit of a warranty if it develops damages.


When you eventually sell off your car, you will get a good resale value if you can show a regular logbook servicing history. It will indicate that you took adequate care of your car, so the buyer is likely to give you a good value.

If you stay in Townsville, you can look for a mobile mechanic in Townsville to carry out a logbook servicing.


When you maintain a regular logbook, you maintain a record of what has been done for maintaining your vehicle. So, your mechanic can figure out things quickly, saving time. In addition, the job will become easier.

Why is Routine Servicing Important?

You should not undermine the need to service your car according to the routine. If you do so, your car develops significant damage, resulting in a substantial money outgo in repairing the damage.

With regular servicing, your mechanic can identify the existing problems to solve them quickly.

If you do not service your car on time, problems will remain, and they will eventually manifest as more extensive problems, requiring significant repairs causing more money outgo. Therefore, you should not fail to service your car as per the schedule.

The involved mechanic checks all your car’s components to make sure they are working properly during servicing. It can ensure that your car runs smoothly and will not break down while driving.

But, you should ensure that you do not postpone servicing your car to save money. If you do so, you should prepare yourself to face the consequences of a costly mistake.

As you will not identify the defects without routine servicing, the defects can aggravate them to become significant defects. In such as case, you will have to spend substantially apart from compromising the safety of your car.


Servicing your car is a necessity to keep it in good running condition. It can also help keep accidents at bay. In addition, when you service your car at regular intervals, you can get a good resale value as the buyer will regard that you took good care of the car.

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