Why You Should Consider Laser Hair Removal

During summer, many women worry about excess facial and body hair. Research on various hair removal methods has shown that the most effective is laser hair removal, which gives long-term results. Kenneth Thompson MD and the team use the latest technology to achieve a faster and painless process on individuals. Here is why you should consider laser hair removal.

What is laser hair removal?

As the name suggests, the process involves using a special device to remove bodily hair. The number of sessions depends on the treatment area, hormonal level, hairline thickness, and hair growth speed. To achieve a long-lasting result, it’s crucial to complete the treatment, which has up to 8 procedures at 4 to 6 weeks intervals.  

What to expect during treatment

Before proceeding with the laser hair removal, the specialist assesses your state of health. The examination involves getting acquitted with any contradiction that may hinder the effectiveness of the treatment. If there are no contradictions, then the specialist schedules the procedure at your convenience. 

Your doctor will choose the optimal processing mode for best results by entering different metrics into the computer system, including skin type and hair thickness. The laser device has a built-in skin cooling system that minimizes pain and irritation.

Precautions before and after laser hair removal

There are some precautions that your doctor takes before and after the treatment. For example, the hair should be shaved off at least two days before the procedure. In addition, you must not take a sunbath or visit the spa at least two weeks before the treatment as this can increase the risk of pigmentation and skin burns. As well, avoid waxing or tweezing before laser removal. 

After the procedure, you can protect your skin from harmful sun rays by wearing protective clothing such as hats. Also, avoid lotions and deodorants that can irritate the skin.

When should you postpone hair removal?

Before the procedure, your doctor explains the contradictions and possible consequences. This helps prevent any misunderstandings or subsequent problems and increases the procedure’s effectiveness. It also helps achieve the desired results and ensures your skin is smooth and attractive.

Your doctor may postpone the procedure if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding as the skin is hypersensitive during this time. Also, children under 18 years are discouraged from undergoing this procedure as the hair contains little melanin. 

Doctors may avoid treating your skin if it is inflamed, has an acute fungal, bacterial, and herpes infection. Also, your doctor may not proceed if you suffer from underlying conditions such as vitiligo, HIV-aids, and cancer.

Also, the specialist will highly discourage this method if you have an allergy to light and sun or undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment. Lastly, if you have a tattoo on your skin, the doctor may cover the area as it can cause irritations.

Laser hair removal will relieve you of unattractive hair for a long time and eliminate the use of painful and ineffective methods. Contact the specialists at A Beautiful You Medical Spa for assessment and treatment scheduling.

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