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Why to Wear Silk Shirts

The appeal of silk and its adaptable nature makes the fine silk shirts a good choice for formal and more casual occasions. Silk is an extremely fine woven fabric that has the potential to give a very elegant look to a person. Worn in a well-tailored garment it gives a sense of sophistication. Worn in different styles by different people it gives a unique feel to any garment. Solid colored silk shirts in various shades of red, maroons, blacks, purples, and greys are ideal for complementing a white cotton or silk dhoti.

There are some simple things to keep in mind while choosing your silk shirts for various occasions. They should be either matte or semi-matte so that they can be worn for a longer time without being wrinkled. The shirts should also have elastic bands along the shoulders so that they can be worn comfortably. A shirt that is too loose will make the wearer get uncomfortably warm, whereas that which is too tight restricts the movement of the cloth along with giving it a scratchy feel.

For women there are a few guidelines to follow when choosing silk shirts for different seasons. For a casual wardrobe, a linen or silk shirt can be worn from spring to fall. This will provide the perfect blend of comfort and elegance. During the summer the same outfit can be worn as for spring, but one should be careful not to wear it too tight as it will lose its shape in no time. For winter it is advisable to opt for a lightweight silk shirt which can be worn during mild weather as well as in the summers.

An ideal choice of fabric for a luxe silk shirt is a chiffon or satin fabric which gives the wearer a luxurious feeling as well as adding to the glamour. A luxurious blouse made from this material can be worn to work or to an evening out without any worry as it can be trusted to enhance the style quotient of the outfit. The only disadvantage of a luxe blouse made of such fabric is that it can look heavy on the arm, especially on the tushie area where the style is most prominent. But by wearing it on the side or on the shoulder, this can be dealt with easily.

Women’s silk shirts are available in different sizes and shapes. When buying such apparels, the wearer should consider her figure type. If she is short in height, then she should go for a shorter length while if she is tall and slim, she should select a longer length for maximum comfort. For a casual wardrobe, silk shirts of full length can be worn as it will provide the required coverage. But for a formal wardrobe, it is better to opt for knee length dresses so that they can be sported for semi-formal events and weddings.

Silk shirts require good care when it comes to washing and ironing. Silk is not a sensitive material and hence can be washed with ease in the washing machine, as long as one uses a gentle cycle and the cold water. When it is dry, it can be ironed to get the desired effect of shining. However, when the shirt is creased, it calls for some expert touch to bring it back to its pre-wash condition. Washing of silk shirts is a lot less expensive than dry cleaning and the quality remains the same as when it was freshly washed.

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