Why the Kimber 45 is One of the Best Guns You Can Buy

When people discuss handguns, you realise that it’s a very subjective matter. One gun might be perfect for one user but be unsuitable for someone else. The Kimber 45, for instance, has its naysayers, with weight and round capacity being the main criticisms raised.

Compared to some popular Glocks, the Kimber’s 8-round capacity is only around half the capacity, so the difference can’t be ignored. However, the statistics bear out the fact that most gunfights only last between 5 to 7 seconds, which is barely enough time to draw, aim and fire off more than a couple of rounds. 

When it comes to weight, sure. It’s another undisputed fact that the Kimber handgun is a little heavier, but for larger people, that’s not really an issue – even for concealed carry. 

Reasons to Love the Kimber 45

While handguns like the Glock 17 and Sig Sauger P365 are perfect for concealed use due to their diminutive size, they have something a plastic feel in the hands. Compare that to the Kimber 45 which has a nice weight in the hand – largely because it’s created from stainless steel. 

Kimber also makes an aluminium version of this handgun, which is a little lighter. Here though, we prefer the stainless steel type, as it has a reassuring quality to it. Its rosewood handles add to this great aesthetic to create really nice-looking firearm. 

Want evidence that it’s a good gun? Well, the military kept it around for a long time, so that tells you something. 

Other benefits of owning one include:

  • 3 different redundant safety features prevent negligent firing, with a safety on the slide lever, the thumb guard and the side of the gun. Unless the palm is pressed firmly up against the handle, it simply won’t fire, so it’s a wonderfully safe weapon – even approaching a situation in ‘condition zero’ i.e. chambered and cocked.
  • A three-dot site as standard makes aiming a cinch.
  • A skeletonized trigger makes for a smooth, crisp firing action
  • A nice grip of 18 degrees makes it easy to get up on target 

Kimber is a company that has been operating out of Yonkers, New York for some 40 years and as far as we’re concerned, they make a heck of a handgun. 

Don’t Take Our Word For It, Try a Kimber 45 Yourself 

The chances are that if you have any issues with this particular handgun, it’s most likely to be due to capacity or weight, but as we’ve mentioned, for everyone else, this is a weapon well worth owning. 

Sure, they’re priced quite high at around $1,000, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll know where that extra money went. The Sig Sauer P365 is only around ⅓ of this cost and is a great handgun, but if love the Beretta, for example, we think you’ll love this Kimber choice too. 

No product is for everyone, granted. However, before you dismiss this option for any of the reasons mentioned, we recommend getting one in your hand and trying it out. Then maybe you’ll see just why we think this is one of the best handguns money can buy. 

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