Why Should You Use Seattle Temp Agencies to Seek A Job?

Seattle is a wonderful seaport city located in the USA. It is also the biggest city in the Pacific NW of North America and Washington. As per 2019 census data, the population of Seattle was 3.98 million, which made it the 15th largest American city.

Seattle’s workforce primarily comprises two highest-paid jobs – software developers and general/operations managers. This workforce mainly approaches Seattle temp agencies to build a career matching their skills and caliber. While applying for jobs through online postings and job boards, candidates might have wanted to apply through temp agencies. However, not knowing exactly how they function may have compelled candidates not to submit their applications. It is a proven fact that working with temp agencies, also known as temporary agencies, benefits job applicants in several ways.

Benefits of Temporary Agency

Candidates can seek help from a temporary agency to find a matching job quickly and easily. It is often considered one of the best ways to seek a full-time position or experience in a field of their liking. Employees also benefit from a temporary workforce as the work is done more effectively while looking for a permanent employee.

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Temp Agency Recruitment Process

Like any other role, candidates must apply for a respective position online, or even in person, to ensure the recruitment board takes an interview and follows the essential screening protocol to match the candidature with appropriate and suitable jobs. Seattle temp agencies place candidates on innumerable jobs with organizations under their contract. The contract explains the type of job and duration, the candidate’s roles and responsibilities, and remuneration.

The recruiter calls for a meeting. Candidates must fill a sheet with information related to their expertise, strengths, and weaknesses. Candidates must present their updated resumes.

Usually, agencies require references to scrutinize applicants’ backgrounds. The interview process remains the same.

In addition, candidates may be asked to write a test to determine their level of strength and skills in their field of work.

Schedule of Work and Remuneration

Whenever a candidate works with any of the Seattle temp agencies, the work schedule may change drastically depending on the candidate’s preferences. Sometimes, the schedules of temporary staff are unpredictable. Agency personnel might call them on short notice and they may be scheduled for an interview. If any candidate cannot work on night shifts or weekends, they have to make it clear to the employer.

Temporary agencies in Seattle are mainly responsible for paying employees they recommend to a company. Recruitment agencies would charge the related organization a certain negotiated amount on an hourly basis, and deduct a certain percentage as their charges. Temporary agencies can be held liable for collecting necessary taxes from a worker’s pay related to the contract terms.

Temporary Candidate for Full-time Job

If a temporary worker’s expertise and skills perfectly match the requirements of the company where he/she is already working, then the candidate may even get a direct offer of full-time job, or a permanent position in that company.

Some clients may even use temporary agencies to test employees before hiring. So, this is also a good option.

Temporary agencies have an equally important role to play in the process of recruitment.

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