Why should you get robotic-assisted minimally invasive spine surgery in Matawan?

If your spine is injured or affected by a disease, you can suffer from chronic and debilitating back pain resulting in stiffness, numbness, and tingling sensations. These can be such a nightmare that you can not work, enjoy time with family and friends, and enjoy your loved activities. Suppose you have tried physical therapy, over-the-counter medication, and lifestyle medication, and they did not work, worry no more as Matawan robotic spine surgery is here to treat chronic back pain and complex orthopedic conditions.

Advantages of robotic spine surgery

Due to significant changes in the field of spine surgery over a few decades, the technological fantasy has become a reality and feasible alternative to the traditional open approach. The robot uses 3D imaging to help the surgeon precisely map out the procedure, place implants and screws in your spine and help surgeons watch the process in real-time.

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The following are benefits of robotic spine surgery;

  •       Adequate precision since the orthopedic is guided in real-time and helps in better patient recovery
  •       Improved workflow for the surgical team due to shorter surgery and increased accuracy.
  •       Speedy recovery time helps patients to resume their daily activities fast due to reduced pain and fewer hospital stays.
  •       Reduces muscle damage and prevents blood loss due to a less invasive procedure.
  •       Small scars and minor infections due to small incisions and fewer complications
  •       Less radiation exposure for the surgeon and patientGet learn more information cinemavilla

Role of robotic spine surgery

Accuracy of pedicle screw placement

Robotic assistance has increased accuracy in instrument implantation, preventing excessive blood loss during surgery and increasing the speed of patient recovery.

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Radiation exposure

 Robotic spine surgery minimizes and eliminates radiation exposure to surgeons and other members during the operating procedure.

Facet decortication

The robotic arm swings in place during the pedicle screw insertion to provide another site for arthrodesis.

Bone decompression

Robotic surgery on a spinal bone decreases mental and physical fatigue allowing the surgeon to operate for a longer time with less fatigue and less blood loss.

Percutaneous pedicle screw

Robotic spine surgery provides permanent external stabilization and fixation of spinal fractures. These help to reduce complications associated with another type of surgery.


Minimally invasive robotic surgery involves combining your surgeon’s understanding of spine anatomy and X-ray imaging to treat chronic back pain using a small incision. These procedures allow the surgeon to separate the spine’s muscles and enable the physician to make small incisions.

On a surgical day, images are taken and imported to Excelsius GPS, which the surgeon uses to determine the size of implants and create a patient plan based on your spinal anatomy.

The spinal GPS pathway helps guide the robotic arm to specific regions of the spine.

The surgeon uses the pathway to place the implants accurately, view the procedure’s live feedback for accuracy, and avoid complications.

Conduct a robotic spine surgery specialist today

The decision for minimally invasive procedures is centralized to each patient and their symptoms. NJ Spine and Wellness specialists use robotic spine surgery to optimize accuracy in the range of chronic back pain surgeries; contact them today and have a speedy recovery.

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