Why should startups outsource mobile app development?

Technology has definitely come a long way since the last decade when we were still new to motion control and were glued to controller tracking via Nintendo Wii. The same can be said for smartphones, which by the decade has multiplied to a staggering 5 billion from 1.3 billion, whereas internet usage has gone up to 7.2 billion globally. Because of such an overwhelming rise in the number of smartphone and internet users in India, the government fostered a strong digital infrastructure in the following years, leading to the boom in the country’s startup industry, as per the McKinsey Reports. And not just in India, such massive shifts in digital preferences fueled the global startup industry when on average, over 310 adults out of 100,000 adults started a new business every month. 

For mobile application development, the turning point came in when businesses wanted to take their services digital via mobile apps, thus causing agencies to compete globally for providing innovative solutions at high valued prices. 

1. Affordability and Outsourcing

Imagine yourself to be a young, beginner startup owner in Silicon Valley and your startup idea is promising in all your market research and in its industry. However, developing an app locally from the companies could cost a fortune – something that can be difficult to deal with when you’re just starting out. 

This is when outsourcing comes in, as Asia, Europe can provide much more affordable, faster options, without compromising on quality. It can save you a lot of money and time; as well as help you understand handling your business in a cost-effective way. 

2. Experience matters

As a young startup owner, there might be more than a few instances when you may require to seek counsel from a trusted, experienced professional or agency who can bring a richer perspective to your business. Outsourcing mobile app development can tap into such reserves of knowledge which when utilized correctly, can go a long way in yielding productive business results. 

The offshore agency developers can render insightful inputs – especially when they do this, day in and day out. Be it the brainstorming sessions or the latest trends, having such seasoned developers on board is always a good call for any business – a startup or otherwise. Since hiring from a mobile app development agency comes with its own benefits of dedicated work and better coordination; it’s also the cumulative knowledge that a series of developers can bring into your agency that helps it to build scalable mobile app designs. 

3. Get effective MVP done 

The blueprint or the initial win for any startup is having a successful, ideal MVP (Minimum Viable Product) since it deepens the roots of the enterprise to continue further. For outsourcing app development companies, the MVP is the first, right step in getting your app done – complete with wireframes. Furthermore, for startups, the validation of getting their idea by industry technicians can come as a huge boost to the overall agency. 

4. Have the Leash in your hand

Unlike popular belief, outsourcing a project actually puts the entire control of your project in your hands. There’s no such thing as handing over authority to your project/business. You enter into a contract with any company or enterprise that you choose on the basis of its merit, experience, track records, and previous work. The contract restricts and bounds the agency to your project legally and therefore, under the contract cannot duplicate or resell your product/idea anywhere else.

5. Pre and post-launch service and support

Who says all work ceases as long as it is up and running on smartphones? In fact, your app would require timely updates, as well as continuous bug fixes to keep at its optimal. Offshore mobile agencies ensure that your app stays in the right shape each time. 

6. Faster market launch times

Speed and agility are the two cornerstones of the startup industry – which also happens to be the USP for outsourcing mobile app development. Timing is everything that decides whether a startup would last or bear no fruits. To cover such tight deadlines, you’d need reliable app development agencies who can develop custom-fit apps from scratch.

Exploring ‘if and then’ in businesses is always the right thing to do. While the initial hurt or pain points can be worked out, it is the perception that you’d get to develop in the process. Here are some of our recommendations in case you’re looking to hire a mobile app development agency: 

They specialize in developing personalized digital products, including mobile applications across different platforms. They work with a variety of languages and frameworks and can look after all your business requirements in faster turnarounds. 

One of the leading app development companies in the nation, they’re best known for their innovative web and mobile solutions for businesses around the globe. Their team of software developers and technicians have experience of more than a decade and put out effective digital solutions for you. 

With global offices set in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, their team of over 400 professionals offer iPhone app development services for businesses worldwide. Their dedicated developers can provide you with fresh perspectives on your business product, maintaining the highest industry standards. 

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