Why Over 7,000 People Have Chosen To Recover “The ROMTech ® Way”

Cheryl underwent a total knee replacement surgery and was one of the earliest patients qualified for the ROM Technologies ™ PortableConnect ® device. Just 24 hours after the procedure, Cheryl was already using PortableConnect ® as part of her rehabilitation program. 

She improved so much that her physical therapist told her that her performance was a week ahead of where she would have been having she opted for the more traditional approach. Dr. Ryan Nunley, a total joint surgeon, reported that Cheryl showed minimal pain and swelling in just two to three weeks and could walk half a mile without issues. Her range of motion also increased by 25 degrees.

By 2022, ROM Technologies ™ serviced over 7,000 patients nationwide, all showing remarkable progress given the standard metrics set for their cases. What stood out was that patients recovered faster, achieved a target range of motions more quickly, and reported less swelling and pain within a shorter period using PortableConnect ®. 

They could not be happier with the results. 

The ROMTech ® Way

The conventional approach to rehabilitation therapy after joint surgery is usually a series of personal visits to the physical therapist’s office. A patient must perform several exercises and treatments to encourage healing and mobility. The patient will also be monitored personally by a physical therapist while in session.

The worldwide pandemic made this arrangement less feasible and safe. After all, many patients post-surgery had far more vulnerable immune systems. Patients were also less comfortable in an environment where they did not have a lot of privacy. 

They also had to consider the discomfort and time spent commuting to and from the physical therapist’s clinic. Many patients suffer from severe mobility issues post-surgery and often cannot operate a vehicle independently. They may not also have external support from family members or personal care staff. 

As a result, they often failed to make appointments at their therapist’s clinic. It also does not help that patients may not always afford the additional cost imposed by personal therapy appointments. 

ROM Technologies ™ PortableConnect ® offers a more convenient solution for patients with medical treatment needs. Patients also preferred PortableConnect ® because it offered a quick turnaround time wherein patients reached recovery milestones more quickly. 

The device is delivered and installed by certified technicians at the patient’s home. It is then connected remotely to the clinician’s computer, where the doctor can track the patient’s progress. The patient is given instructions and the required exercises that must be performed using PortableConnect ®. 

As the patient uses the device, it monitors their progress and keeps track of critical metrics sent to the clinician. The clinician can view these metrics in real time, so the patient’s progress is immediately evident. 

The clinician can provide immediate feedback, corrections, and adjustments as needed. The clinician can also view whether or not the patient complies with the requirements and can easily recommend actions based on the results. 

Patients using the ROM Technologies ™ PortableConnect ® also showed high compliance rates. The device is installed in patients’ homes, making it available 24/7. 

Patients can efficiently perform the sessions privately and at their convenience. Since their clinician monitors them, they are assured that their sessions are safe and compliant to what is medically required. 

ROMTech ® has always concentrated on providing technology-based solutions to help with patient care and recovery. They also focused on ensuring that these technologies were not only accessible and convenient but also affordable. 

The ROMTech ® medical solutions encourage participative healing, wherein patients become actively involved in their recovery with the close supervision of their doctors and medical support staff.

The PortableConnec is an orthopedic recovery device that utilizes adaptive telemedicine technology. PortableConnect ® is recovery support that helps patients undergo guided physical therapy remotely, often from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. 

The device is connected to their medical care support, such as their physiotherapist and orthopedic surgeon, so the patient’s performance and progress can be monitored and recorded. The device can be connected anywhere in the U.S., so patients or their doctors can move or relocate and stay in touch.  

During the twenty-four months since serving its first patient, PortableConnect ® has proven itself a superior rehabilitation option capable of helping patients recover more quickly and effectively than traditional therapy patients. Within just a short time, ROM Technologies has significantly influenced medical care, offering innovative solutions that prioritize each patient’s needs, capabilities, and medical requirements. 

The technology, under several patents, is considered the future of post-surgical rehabilitation. It is designed to provide patients with an affordable and convenient option compared to the current standards of care. 

Is PortableConnect ® Right for You?

PortableConnect ® has helped thousands of patients to recover and enjoy a better quality of life. The technology is customizable, so it can be programmed and adjusted to meet the changing needs of every individual patient. 

This relatively new technology may not be readily available for every patient. If you want more information on where to find PortableConnect ® in your city or district, visit the ROMTech ® website or call them at (888)374-0855 to immediately get on your road to recovery.

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