Why is Sarkari Jobs the Preference of Most of the Indians?

There are various things that are integral in Indian society and one such aspect is ‘government job’.  Yes, you heard it absolutely right; Sarkari jobs are still the most liked and preferred alternative for most of the Indians. If a person attains a government job, it is still believed to be an amazing achievement in India for manifold reasons.

Certainly, there are entrance tests and folks can check the Sarkari result on portals, but the thing is why everybody is after Sarkari jobs or Naukri? There are many reasons for this thing, and a few are like given below:

There is Job Security

It is maybe the most important and clear reason for getting into government jobs. When a person is government job, his or her life is in a way secured. It is like your job is protected by the Constitution of India.  There would never be any fear of lay off or any type of threat of losing your job. Hence, you can be sure that you would have your job forever.

Handsome Salaries

The salaries of government servants are really and apparently somewhat good now. A nearly appointed Group A officer starts with something like an annual salary (blended with allowances) of nearly Rs 10 lakhs that of per annum as compared to approximately 3-4 lakhs paid to a normal engineer in beginning.  The salaries are quite still good for the lower-level staff members. A government driver starts to get nearly 20,000 of salaries coupled with HRA, LTC, that of some Medical, Children education allowances, TA, and so on that may amount to not less than that of thirty thousand rupees per month. A senior driver may get approximately Rs 50 thousand a month. Where do you actually experience such a cool and handsome salary in private sector?

The power aspect

It is the reality and true that the country is run by the government officials. They have most of the control to take decisions in their regarded domain. Power gives them respect because people wish to know you for getting their overall work done.

Impressive perks

There are even some services wherein the perks of the government are wonderful. You get a massive bungalow, a personal car and even that of a servant to work at home. Such a thing is infrequently found in private sector.

Easy Promotion  

One of the main features of most government jobs is that your promotion is going to be simply based on seniority. It just means that you don’t have to go out of way to content or please your boss or the organization. In private sector, it gets challenging to get promotion except you keep your bosses or seniors glad by any means.


Most of the government sector officers, except army and police, relish some sort of relaxed life. They do work just inside office hours, and they get nearly one hundred sixty days of leave each year. The working condition in private sector is somewhat far tougher. In private sector there is going to be no working hour in a practical way and least leaves and offs.


So, you should check out jmch or any other opportunity in government sector for a good future. After all, as you can see all are tending towards government sector, why not you too?

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