Why is alcohol an insidious killer?

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances that are abused in the world. The number of alcohol addiction is on the rise throughout the country. The current rise in the number of addicts has no comparable point in the history of this nation. Our nation has never seen the speed at which the number of addicts is increasing across the country. According to a recent survey, the total number of addicts in the country has increased to a figure greater than 21 million. Most analysts agree that unless strong action is taken against this rise the country will be forced to reckon with- the damage done by having such a high addict population. This problem is expected to get worse as the world gets out of the year-long pandemic lockdowns. A large number of people have turned to drugs to cope with the ever-increasing tensions of the Covid era. People worried about themselves, their families, their businesses, and their future often turn to drugs as a way to escape their tensions and real-life problems. One of the main substances that are having a huge resurgence in this time is Alcohol. You should use an alcohol monitoring like Soberlink  you can learn more here: if you are addicted to alcohol. Once in this country alcohol was the hot topic of debate. This was during the prohibition era, but the times have changed since then. Nowadays alcohol has become legal and socially acceptable. This is one of the main reasons behind the sudden rise in the number of alcoholics in the country.

Alcohol can have a very profound effect on the minds of those who abuse it. Alcoholism brings about a plethora of problems for the addict and those around them. You should use an alcohol monitoring like Soberlink you can learn more here: if you are addicted to alcohol. Most cities of the country, even the smaller ones, have pubs and bars ranging from large chains that have branches around the country to small bars run by families with a small yet dedicated clientele. You cannot go a few cities blocks without encountering a bar or pub. Even big chain supermarkets and small convenience stores sell alcoholic drinks. Hotels and casinos often also have bars that can provide for their clients. Even restaurants keep several alcoholic drinks on the menu although they are much more likely to have wines rather than beers.

One of the main problems of alcohol abuse is the immediate effect it has on the human body. Alcohol triggers the release of endorphins inside our brains. Endorphins are chemicals that are released naturally by our brain whenever we subconsciously believe that we have succeeded in any task. Essentially whenever a person completes a task or achieves a goal their brain releases endorphins as a method of rewarding us. Endorphins are responsible for the feelings of happiness, pride, and fulfillment we have after some tasks. Since alcohol triggers the release of these natural chemicals in our brains, we are tempted to try this drug again. The high of alcohol does not last much longer and after the high, the person is left in a depressed state which is the total opposite of the elation they felt earlier. This disparity leads them to drink again, fortifying their addiction.

Addiction is a serious problem as it can easily affect those around the addict. There are a lot of cases of domestic violence which feature a person high on drugs as the main culprit. These episodes of violence can leave the person with lifelong mental and physical trauma. Moreover, alcohol addicts are frequently implicated in the cases of DUI or drunk driving which have resulted in the deaths of both addicts and innocents in the past. So, if someone is suffering from addiction, then should visit drug rehab arizona and get help from them.

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