Why choose Fashion Jewelry as Gifts?

Jewelry is personal, and giving a personal gift means that you have personal feelings toward the person to whom you are giving the gift. Jewelry means you care for a friend, your partner in life, or your child. Whether it is a beautiful necklace, bracelet, earrings, or ring, this will adorn the arm, neck, ears, or fingers of your friend or other loved one.

When deciding to buy jewelry for couples, take some extra time to make the decision. Jewelry has a more personal meaning than toys or other gadgets like games or puzzles. Make sure it is safe in material and style. Choose jewelry to show your child you care about them and want them to know you are always with them when they look at it or feel it next to their skin. Get I love you necklace for the love of your life and she will simply adore it.

The amazing thing about giving someone jewelry is that it must not necessarily be expensive, but it must always be personal and suit the person you are giving it to. Jewelry is always beautiful!

The jewelry you give must be stylish, and modern and in the current fashion, unless the person loves antique jewelry, and has enough courage to wear what they like, regardless of current trends! And yet, the very preciousness of antique jewelry in itself should make it fashionable regardless of current trends!

Antique jewelry can also be jazzed-up or reset to compliment the latest fashions. It can be adapted to the individuality of the wearer.

Imagine being asked: “Where did you get that stunning vintage necklace?” What a thrill!

Receiving jewelry makes a person feel cared for and beautiful every time it is worn. Platonic friends can give jewelry to each other. It means they share a special bond, or they love wearing the same earrings, bracelets, brooches, or necklaces.

We love to give jewelry to friends and loved ones on special days, but it can be so difficult to decide on the right gift.

Let us help you to make the perfect choice!

These are some excellent options for children:

  1. Valuable – For school children a necklace is an excellent choice. They are easy to wear and can accessorize many different outfits, especially in summer when girls are wearing off the shoulder tops or dresses.

Necklaces or bracelets are special as you can have your teenager’s name engraved on it, making it an even more special gift.

For the younger ones, buy a less expensive pendant with the animal that they love, a cat or a dog or even a dolphin. See your child smile with pride and happiness when they show it to their friends. Just make absolutely sure it is harmless and cannot be swallowed or stuffed in an ear or nose. REMEMBER, IT IS SAFER NOT TO GIVE JEWELRY TO A VERY SMALL CHILD!

  1. Small and cute – There are beautiful pieces of jewelry that are small and cute for the younger generation. For small children it is safer to make sure that, for example cute little earrings cannot be removed by themselves. A little girl can get studs and as she grows up her style and design can vary and grow with her to suit her own taste. She may even choose hoops or dangling earrings or tiny droplets as she grows older to be in fashion, or to go with her own fashion style. Older people may love small pieces, but will probably prefer small and classy rather than small and cute!
  2. Affordable -Charm Bracelets are a sweet way for children to remember special days or years in their lives. Start by buying a bracelet with only one charm, and each year on a special date or birthday add something special. This is also a very special way of celebrating a friendship for grown-ups and older generations.
  3. Useful – Did you know a bracelet or a necklace can be useful? Engrave your child’s bracelet with their name and your phone number. If you go to an event or a park, your child might get lost in the crowd – but not for long with an identifier bracelet. A kind adult or member of the organizers or staff will be able to phone you and you will have a happy child back in your arms in no time!
  4. Everyone loves jewelry! – The way jewelry sparkles when the sun’s rays catch a gemstone or silver or gold or other reflecting material, will brighten anybody’s day! Just watch how it sparkles when you turn it to the light. Show it to your friends, and they might want to get one too!

Buying jewelry for grown-up friends, family or your kids as a gift gives you so much to choose from! You will never run out of ideas again with a charm bracelets tradition, Trademark Beauty for example.

For grown-ups you can be sure that such a gift will keep you in their thoughts even if you have moved on, maybe to a different city or country.

For young ones, these gifts are not like toys that mostly break quickly, or that a child outgrows. It will bring your child years of pleasure if you teach your children from an early age how to clean and care for their jewelry. Teach them to put it away safely, in a jewelry box or a beautifully hand-crafted or covered box, until they want to wear it again.

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