For the starter we have to know about block Chain because without awareness about anything we can get the advantages from opportunities.

What is block Chain:-

Block Chain is a record keeping technology designed to make it impossible to hack the system, thereby making it secure and immutable.

Actually, block chain is a good way to spread your business make connects with your workers and give them knowledge and guidance about your business directly. This is the way through which you can connect with your customers directly and serve them with proper identity and management. Block Chain is a easy and trustworthy way to educate people about the business. Here Webiosoft, is a good app which connect the world with your own business.


Webisoft, provides the experienced adopters of the block Chain technology. We are here to solve the global problems and challenges faced by big enterprises about the products and services.

Block Chain is not just related to cryptocurrencies but also related to many other businesses which have already made good moves. All industries and businesses obviously need block Chain but health care is one of the most important industry that obviously need block Chain technology.

Security Facts:-

This block Chain system introduced many advanced features and rules to make sure that your business related information’s are secure. We customize the smart contracts for group members and customers.

Webisoft introduced the smart contracts for group members and customers which are much easier, affordable highly secure way of doing transactions. Smart businesses are made by digital security features to keep it more safe. We create custom private and publicly available services in the form of block Chain technology.


  • Why block Chain is important for business?

Because it gives the guaranty to keep save your money, its trustworthy, easy to use and gives different securities and have the traceability of data shared cross a business network. You can save your delivery charges because of its block Chain services.

  • What is the biggest problem with block Chain?

The main problem with black chain is  lack of awareness of the technology especially, in sectors other than the banking there is a lack of understanding of how it works. It’s little tough to connect with your customers but slowly you can connect strongly with your customers directly and serve them with proper identity and management skills.

  • What are the 4 types of block Chain?

There are 4 main and most common types of block Chain technology  which is helpful.

  1. Private block Chain
  2. Consortium block chain
  • Hybrid block Chain
  1. Public block Chain (this is the chain which allows anyone can join)


Here we describe the importance of block Chain and its proper use with advantages. This is a Global network which allows you to find a good way to spread your business make connections with your customers directly and serve them with proper guidance and help them to find good deal.

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