Why Bamboo Sheets are Good for Your Health?

Are you still stuck on the debate of whether bamboo sheets are really good for your health or not? Well, don’t worry. In this article, we have separated the facts from the hype so that you make a more informed choice while buying bed sheets. 

1. Regulates Temperature

Bamboo sheets are excellent for both summers as well as winters. They are capable of sucking moisture and heat from the body, thereby regulating the temperature of the body. A typical bamboo sheet can absorb at least 300 per cent more moisture than its weight. 

That is considerably more than regular cotton bedsheets. It wicks away the moisture which prevents the sheet from getting smelly. This ensures that you sleep in a dry crisp bed all night and wake up feeling fresh. 

The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be stressed enough for good health. Additionally, dry bed sheets prevent you from developing any skin allergy or rashes caused by sweat.

2. Anti-allergic and Antimicrobial

The bamboo plant is known to be naturally anti-bacterial and hence anti-allergic. It has ‘bamboo-kun’, an antimicrobial bio-agent that repels most bacteria, fungi, bugs, and pests. As per a study, bamboo viscose and other viscose both demonstrated better antibacterial qualities when compared to cotton. 

Allergy friendly sheets made from bamboo are an excellent option for families that have kids or people with sensitive skin. These sheets keep you safe from allergies by warding off pesky organisms and bugs as you sleep. Additionally, organic bamboo sheets prevent pilling that could be breeding grounds for germs.

3. Breathable

Bed Sheets made from bamboo have micro gaps in the fabric that allows the air to pass freely through it, making the sheet very breathable. Due to the breathability, bamboo bed sheets always smell fresh and nice. 

It prevents excessive sweating by preventing hot air from getting trapped beneath the covers. This is the reason why bamboo sheets are always cooler to touch than cotton suits. 

4. Sustainably Sourced

One of the most striking features of the bamboo plant is that it is produced naturally without the use of harmful chemicals. This makes it a healthier choice in the bedsheet realm. As discussed earlier, the bamboo plant has ‘bamboo kun’ that prevents the growth of bacteria and pests on the plant, hence it does not need any chemical fertilizer or pesticide in its production. 

Due to its natural resistance, there is an abundance of bamboo plants in the world which makes it an eco-friendly alternative to non-renewable sources. Also, the production of bamboo requires much less water, mitigating the water wastage which is the biggest concern presently! 

5. Soft and Smooth

Apart from the above-mentioned traits, a quality that bamboo is very famous for is its silk-like softness. Sheets made from bamboo give a satin-smooth feel and have comparatively less friction. The bamboo beddings are usually made from Viscose of the bamboo plant. 

The viscose is extracted from the bamboo plant using a solvent. When the solvent is applied to the bamboo plant, the cellulose gets separated which is then pressed into fibres. The fibre is spun into a smooth fabric which is used to make the bed sheet. The bedsheet then produced is strong enough to withstand machine wash, unlike fragile silk bed sheets.  

Your Takeaway

With all these details you can be sure of one thing that bamboo is definitely healthier as well as an eco-friendly alternative to the regular cotton bedsheets. Hence, you must switch to bamboo sheets already!

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