When You Need to Consult a Professional for Dealing with Anxiety Issues- Paul Haarman

Everyone is talking about mental health issues these days, which is actually a good thing. Shining a light on these types of sensitive topics lets people open up and share their own experiences. There is a certain level of stigma associated with it, which is a sad thing, and just like any physical illness, mental illness is for real, and its high time we do something about it. That’s about mental health in general, which we will discuss some other time. We are here to talk about anxiety issues, to be more specific. Let’s look at it in a detailed manner and see when individuals require the best anxiety therapy or any other state to cope up with this.

 Paul Haarman explains the need for a professional to deal with severe anxiety problems

You experienced trauma and can’t stop thinking about it

Grief from a person’s loss, a breakup or a job loss can negatively impact your daily activities and even cause you to withdraw from friends. If you find you are no more enthusiastic or engaged with your life or those around you have noticed that you have become disinterested in them, you may want to take advice from someone to understand how that event still impacts your life. On the other hand, some folks respond to trauma by being more manic — hyper-engagement with friends and acquaintances or/and being sleep deprived. These signs mean that it is time for professional counselling.

Your family and friends are worried about you

Sometimes your nature and how you are feeling makes it difficult for you to recognize the negative impact it is having on your own life. The people around you will be able to realize the difference in your behavior and can tell you if you are struggling with an emotional problem. Many of the patients come for a therapy session at the urging of their family members. Additionally, if you feel that you are losing relationships because you are isolating yourself, this also means that the problem is more serious than you thought. According to Paul Haarman, seeking professional help would certainly help in this situation.

You are thinking of hurting yourself

When depression and anxiety get severe, you can feel hopeless and think that nothing in this world is going to make you feel good. You may find various other excuses to hurt yourself, and people with severe anxiety issues also develop suicidal tendencies. Seeking treatment at the right time can certainly help and also make you feel comfortable. If your self-destructive thoughts start getting too intense, and you feel you are not safe, you must get the courage and call 911.

Consider these points and ask for recommendations from friends and family for counselling and anxiety treatment under the guidance of an experienced professional. You can also look online for the best option by going through the reviews and suggestions available from other people.

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