When Constipation Requires Advanced Medical Treatment

Constipation is common and could be due to multiple causes. Sometimes all you need to improve your condition is simple tasks like drinking more water or fluids, increasing fiber in your diet, and going to the bathroom as often as needed. However, you can suffer from chronic constipation that might require advanced treatment from gastroenterologists like Dr. Bharat Pothuri. Such providers have the extensive expertise required to look into your problem and help you get back to your quality of life. Knowing when you need help is crucial in the management of constipation. Here are some guidelines for you.

Seek Care Immediately If You Experience Pain And Notice Blood

When severe abdominal pains or cramping accompany constipation, you should contact your doctor immediately to get to the root of the symptoms. Also, do not wait to get care when you notice your stool is bloody, tarry, or black. It could be a hint of a serious underlying complication that requires immediate medical attention. Your doctor will identify your symptoms and help you get the right course of treatment. Additionally, seek immediate treatment if you experience fever, vomiting, lower back pain, bloating, and problem passing gas alongside constipation. You can visit Southgate Urgent Care in such situation.

Contact Your Doctor After Three Days Without A Bowel Movement

As mentioned earlier, it is common to experience constipation, and sometimes you can move on with your life like you do not have a problem. You may even try using some laxatives to improve your condition but understand that they work after 48 hours. Therefore, contact your doctor if your constipation is still present on the third day. You might need stronger laxatives, or your condition may be due to other potential conditions. Remember you should not take the laxatives for long, but your provider will offer you other treatments you will not get at the pharmacy.

You Suspect Medications Are Causing Your Issue

The medications you are taking could be the reason for your constipation. If you have your suspicions, reach out to your doctor immediately. Your doctor will evaluate your medical history and current medications to notice any relations to your condition. If the medications you are using are causing your constipation, your provider will help you get a new dose or alternative treatments for the condition you are treating. Many children also suffer from constipation and stomach pain to better know what diseases might occur to them and what to do check Friso Indonesia for more details.

You Have Chronic Constipation

You might not know that your condition is chronic until you have tried most self-care treatments for over three weeks, but the condition still exists. Your provider will figure out why you are so often constipated and offer you additional treatment options to improve your bowel movements. Also, they can evaluate your self-care routine to see if it is suitable for you and advise you accordingly. You will provide accurate information to your provider about your diet and some of the lifestyle changes you may have taken. This will help them recommend other things that could help you find relief.

You Have A Family Account Of Colon Or Rectal Cancer

Do not hesitate to seek expert medical attention for constipation if one of your close relatives has been diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer. Although constipation is normal, it could be an early sign of serious complications and help your provider catch them early for effective management.

Remember that it is normal to be constipated every once in a while, but you do not have to endure it. Reach out to GastroDox PLLC today, and Dr. Pothuri will help you with your condition. Do not wait any longer if your symptoms are worsening over time. Your help is only an appointment away. 

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