What’s Better: Rekey or Replace Your Lock?

Although they’re built well and usually last for a while, locks can and do break all the time.

They’re made of solid, weighted materials that can withstand large amounts of pressure when pushed or pulled with a door. But when one does break, it’s sometimes difficult to know just how to resolve the issue. Are lock or key replacements better?

Lock and Key Replacement Comparisons

The answer depends on the situation at hand. In some cases, a key replacement would be advisable while a lock replacement wouldn’t, and vice-versa. Sometimes, it could depend on the preferences of the owners. Maybe there’s a vehicle that you want a replacement key for without changing the locks. For any of these matters you can reach out to the Locksmith Woodstock

The variables determine the answer, so choose based on what happens to the lock in the situation that you find yourself in. A professional local locksmith can change out both if you need, a fast option for people that want to solve a lock problem as quickly as possible.

When Changing only the Lock

Of course, car keys aren’t the only keys that end up missing. House keys become lost all the time, locking people out of their homes daily. When this happens, things can get annoying pretty quickly. No one wants to wait outside for their significant other or roommate to arrive at home.

In this situation, a lock change could be the right solution. However, try and contact other people that have access to your home before going this route. Unless there’s no other way for you to get inside, you don’t want to switch out locks to have everyone else unable to get inside as normal.

Another situation that could call for a Slotenmaker Rotterdam is if the key becomes jammed into the lock. It sometimes happens, particularly with older vehicles and aging door locks.

The key may break off, forbidding anyone from using other keys in their place or turning the knob to open the door. Still, the broken key could be gently pulled out of the hole and the lock used again, which would invalidate the need for a lock replacement.

When Changing only the Key

To change out a key means that you’ll get to keep the lock on your door, cars, mailbox, or other locked items. This is good for people that live or use items along with multiple people. Instead of changing out the lock, you can simply have one rekeyed with the same cipher.

To do this, you may need to gain access to the pins within the lock itself or install new pins into the lock. Again, a professional can assist in this manner and possesses the tools to rekey locks faster than the average person.

Car doors are another less costly way where a key change is the best choice. Changing the locks on a car may involve getting in touch with a dealer from the car company, or a visit to a local mechanic. These options could conclude with a hefty price tag. Look into switching the keys first.

Remember, you should choose what works best for your circumstance. Key and lock replacements can aggravate anyone when they happen. But provided you know what to do if either becomes damaged or inoperable, a quick fix is a simple procedure to carry out.

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