What You Need to Know About Pokies

Gambling is among the most popular forms of entertainment. The practice has endured the test of time, as many historians have claimed that gambling can be traced back to the ancient era. One thing that can be said about gambling is that it has evolved over the years. Today, the form that gambling takes, tends to be online gambling. But whether online or not, one thing is for certain. Australians are huge fans of pokies. Around 35% of Australian adults play some kind of gambling game, whether online or in a brick-and-mortar establishment. But, just what are pokies? In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about pokies. 

Just What Are Pokies?

Pokies is a term that usually refers to poker machines (hence the name), however, it is also commonly used to describe fruit machines and slots. Pokies are certainly the most popular form of gambling in Australia. 

For those who might not be aware, poker machines are a venue through which gamblers can participate in video poker. An Artificial Intelligence dealer will deal the cards, and the way the player wins is by getting the winning combination that one gets in poker. 

Can You Play Pokies Online?

Australian law prohibits certain forms of online gambling. However, an exception is made for online casinos that are properly licensed and regulated by authorities of high repute. So, for those who want to play online pokies with real money, there are quite a few online options. 

Some might be unaware of what differences exist between online pokies and land-based ones. While the core of the game is relatively the same, there are certain differences. For starters, both games rely mostly on luck and chance, rather than skill (to differing degrees naturally, video poker takes a bit more skill than online slots). Both involve getting a sequence of symbols that functions as a pay line. 

However, the differences include the availability and ease with which one can access online pokies and the bonuses and promotions they often have on offer.

What is an RTP?

The next question one might have is what is an RTP? Often times, new players will come to pokies and to slots and see the term RTP used quite frequently. This begs the question, what does an RTP entail? An RTP is an abbreviation of return to player. This refers to the amount that a poker or slot machine will return for every AUD 100 betted. For example, if the RTP equals 96% (the standard average) than the amount returned will be 96 per 100 wagered. 

Note that this doesn’t mean that the player putting down the deposit will win anything. You can spin once, 10 times or 100 times and never win a hand, or you can come to pokies for the first time, make your first spin ever, and hit it big. The likelihood of a win is measured by the volatility percentage, rather than the RTP. 


For Australians, pokies are the most popular gambling activity. So, if you are curious to know more, take this article into account before you start spinning.

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