What to See While Visiting Vancouver

Vancouver is unlike any other place on Earth.  Nestled in Northern British Columbia, an hour away from one of the country’s best ski resorts, Vancouver is out to dazzle visitors.  From beautiful open-water views to gorgeous architecture and incredible museums, you’ll never want to see the inside of your hotel room when you visit!

Here are some of the top attractions and why everyone should want to visit!

Stanley Park

If you need a break away from the city’s craziness, Stanley Park is the place to go.  Surrounded by beautiful water and bordering downtown Vancouver, this park is serene and peaceful while keeping the city’s skyline in view.   Families come to have picnics, and others take up fishing or jogging to enjoy the quiet outdoor atmosphere without having to go too far from their daily lives.

Science World

If you want to have your mind expanded and open to how things work and where we’re going in the future, the Science World museum and entertainment park is a great place to start.  This family-friendly museum looks like a disco ball nestled into the skyline of Vancouver.  Inside it has exhibits exploring past discoveries that form our modern lives and where science’s cutting edge is today.  

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

If you have a fear of heights, this might not be the one for you!  This park will hit the spot for anyone else who has an appreciation for gorgeous views and fresh air.  The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is a lovely park that will leave everyone in awe.  High up above the city and the water, you’ll feel like you can see on forever.

Beautiful trails, fantastic picnic spots, and the greenest forest you’ll ever see, will keep you wanting to look for homes for sale in Vancouver so that you never have to leave.

Museum of Anthropology

Nothing on Earth can excite people more about the future than seeing how far we’ve come in the past.  The Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver goes over Canada’s aboriginal history and the history of a lot of the world at large, through the bones and homes of our ancestors.  These exhibits humanize our past and remind visitors that there’s more to life than what’s happening at this very moment.

Granville Island

The best-kept secret of Vancouver and the top place for goods and good food, Granville Island is a street filled with the best shops in the city.  Just south of downtown Vancouver, this market has something for everyone.  Whether you want freshly baked bread, new home goods, or delicious soup to warm you up in cold winters, you’ll find it.  Although getting there can be a little tricky, either by ferry or Aquabus, you’ll find that the most critical question you’ll have is how to carry home everything you want to buy!

Vancouver isn’t a city that should be skipped or ignored when planning a trip.  Although it’s tucked away above a National Park, there’s enough life and love to make everyone want to visit and for the first you have to bear Family Visa for UAE.

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