What to Know When Filing a Personal Injury Claim for a Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord damage can lead to a devastating injury that impacts your ability to live a functional life. Because of a spinal cord injury, you may lose sensation and motor control. Because of this, you may need extensive medical treatment and possibly suffer a permanent disability. 

If the spinal cord injury you suffered resulted from another person’s negligence, you should contact an experienced Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer to discuss your injury claim. Your lawyer will give you a free consultation to review your accident and the impact of your injury on your life. A spinal cord injury can cost you thousands of dollars and may lead to a permanent reduction in or loss of your income. So, if somebody else caused your injury, it only makes sense to let them pay for their mistake. Keep reading to know how to file a personal injury claim for spinal cord injury:

Determine the Basis for Your Claim

Not all personal injuries warrant a lawsuit. For instance, if you got hit while you were on someone else’s property without permission or slipped and fell in an unsafe store, you may not have a solid claim. To have a viable injury claim, you must show the other party was negligent and such action caused your injury. Driving while drunk and creating dangerous conditions like not cleaning the floor at a store are examples of negligence. 

Know When You Should Sue

To successfully file a lawsuit and receive compensation, you need to prove you have suffered damages. A minor injury may not warrant medical care, which means you won’t have any damages. Thus, you have no reason to sue. Also, even if you have sustained damages and can prevail at trial, the budget of the liable party is also at play. 

If you are seeking compensation from an individual, you may not get paid if they are not financially well-off. Typically, businesses have insurance policies that can be used for paying personal injury claims. Thus, it is often best to find a responsible business; instead, of suing an individual. 

Determine How Much Your Claim is Worth

In general, if you have serious injuries, you may win more money for them. Also, how much you may receive in compensation will also depend on how sympathetic you are. For instance, if you have a sympathetic story and you acted carefully, a judge or jury might award you more. Check out this site to find more information at this link.

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