What to expect when switching from cigarettes to vapes?

I will probably be addressing people with two different pre-existing experiences when it comes to this. There are the smokers who have never tried a vape or the e-cigarette concept they descended from, and those who never have and are just a little wary overall. For those who tried e-cigarette technology back in the early days, you are probably expecting to have a bad experience because those were unavoidably going to be a bad experience.

First of all, before we go any further, let me tell you that you are not going to have the experience you might’ve had those old e-cigarette things. Yes, they use the same basic technology, but the fluid in them is very different. You aren’t going to feel sickly, it’s not going to taste terrible as you aren’t going to choke. I guarantee this 100%.

For those who haven’t tried anything other than cigarettes in the past, and are just wary of some electronic thing with chemicals in it, let me first assuage your fears by explaining to you what’s actually in vape juice. All it is, is a glycerin compound with a little bit of water, a safe source of nicotine unless you are using a nicotine-free solution, and something to flavor it. None of these things will in fact hurt you at all, nor will they even be unpleasant. This glycerin compounds are used in toothpaste, inhalers and party foggers, if those don’t bother you, neither will vapes. Nicotine is actually not harmful in the doses you get from tobacco or a vape, it is just very, very addictive. The flavorings are obviously very safe as well. Obviously, drinking this juice would be quite unpleasant, you would probably throw up, but inhaling it through the actual pen won’t be unpleasant at all.

So, first I will describe my first experience with my very first disposable vape, and then I will just describe what regular use of these is like. The first puff I ever took off of a modern vape and, yes, I coughed a little bit. It was more out of surprise at the sensation, which wasn’t unpleasant, than anything else. Literally seconds later, I took another puff, and I didn’t cough at all. Over the course of three days, I forcibly used only that they and smoke snow cigarettes. A few physical habits like wanting to light a cigarette, using as an excuse to walk out of the house and paste around, wanting to flick ash etc. were impulses that were hard to fight. It wasn’t difficult to intervene with myself and prevent these habits, they were simply instinctual a, reflex if you will.

The vapor itself is cooling, soothing and it doesn’t dry your mouth and throat out the way cigarette smoke does. Only the cooling aspect lingers, making you feel somewhat refreshed. It will satisfy your nicotine and smoke cravings, but without any of the health hazards or environmental defects. If you are interested, you try various disposable ones until you find a flavor you like. You can even use it to wean yourself off of nicotine altogether by gradually dropping to lower nicotine dosages once you get an actual vape rig with smaller cartridges.

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