What to Expect in Your First AA Meeting

We can all recall how it felt to start a new profession or school. Uncertainty is responsible for our nervous feelings. It’s no surprise that when you go to your first Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) gathering, you’ll have a similar experience. You’re probably unsure of what to anticipate, how to act, or what to say during the encounter.

Thankfully, the real experience of attending AA meetings is a delightful surprise. Continue reading to find out what to anticipate at your first AA meeting.

Various Forms of AA Meetings

There are two types of AA sessions: open meetings and private meetings. Anybody can attend an open meeting because it is open to the public. Closed sessions are exclusively open to people who classify as alcoholics. There are many different styles that AA meetings can take, but here are a few of the more typical topics:

  • Speaker meetings are gatherings where one person is invited to speak about their journey from dependence to sobriety. After the speaker has shared their tale for 30-40 minutes, the meeting is open for discussion.
  • Step Meetings are gatherings where the focus is on a single step.
  • The goal of Big Book Study gatherings is to examine the Big Book thoroughly.
  • Meetings for a particular gender are designated as such.

What to Anticipate From Your First AA Meeting

An AA meeting has a lot of interesting aspects. A few of these elements may appear to be daunting, while others help in making the experience less so. Following are a few highlights to look forward to during your first AA meeting:

Hugs aplenty and contact information

If you introduce yourself as a newbie at your first AA gathering, you can anticipate being chatted up by many participants who warmly greet you with warm snuggles and contact details. Understand that these people have felt the same fragility and solitude that you are experiencing in your early recovery. Take note that this endless stream of love results from everyone in Alcoholics Anonymous sharing a tight bond of pain and hope for rehabilitation.

Bleak humor

Nobody can snicker at the dark humor commonly expressed in these sessions, according to a joke in the “rooms” of AA. Only a house full of alcoholics would think the tales amusing. While the catastrophic effects of addiction aren’t amusing, part of the pleasure of rehabilitation is being inclined to reflect on the agony of active addiction and realize it’s no longer a part of your life.

Raw Intimacy

Alcoholics Anonymous participants don’t just come to sessions to brag about how wonderful their lives are now that they’re clean; they also come to talk about the personal and sensitive problems that they face daily.

It might seem awkward at first, but as you join more AA meetings, you’ll realize that being able to weep in front of a group of individuals is freeing. One of the most wonderful aspects of rehabilitation is the closeness among participants in AA meetings.


AA meetings are quite popular and very effective once you embrace them. If you’re looking to join one soon, look into Toms River AA meetings. Don’t let addiction take over your life and rob you of your happiness.

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