What to expect in the first appointment of weight-loss counseling in Ashburn?

Do you want to go for a weight counseling session? Are you wondering what will happen during the session? So In this post, we will discuss the Ashburn weight loss counseling session.

In the first appointment, your doctor will assess your dietary patterns, degree of obesity, emotional factors, physical activity patterns, and willingness to adapt to the new lifestyle.

Degree of obesity: Your counselor will assess your obesity as it will impact his decision for intervention. If your BMI is between 25 to 40 and you are moderately obese, he might use counseling for lifestyle modification. But if your BMI is more than 40, they may advise intensive treatments such as bariatric or gastric sleeve surgery Newcastle.


Your counselor might provide you with a questionnaire related to your eating habits to determine your eating pattern.

Physical activity

He might ask you to recall the physical activity you did in the past seven days that will guide him to plan your treatment protocol.

Emotional status

Emotions also play a significant role in your eating habits. Some people tend to eat more when they are anxious or nervous. He might give you a questionnaire to analyze your emotional status.

Willingness to change

People’s readiness to change varies. There is a model called ‘ stages of change’ that describes the different stages of willingness. Have a look to see in which category you fall-

  • Precontemplation Stage– It is a stage in which you might not be concerned about your weight. If you are in this stage, your doctor will try to make you aware by addressing the risk factors associated with obesity.
  • Contemplation Stage: In this stage, you are aware that you are obese but are not ready yet to do something to deal with it. In this case, your doctor may suggest some fundamental changes and provide you with primary education about weight loss.
  • Preparation stage: You are in this stage when you have decided to do something for weight loss and haven’t begun yet. If you fall into this category, your doctor will encourage you to help implement your thoughts.
  • Action stage: If you fall in this category, you are trying to make weight loss efforts. Counseling will have the best impact if you are in the action stage. 


Losing weight is essential to improve aesthetics, physical and mental health, and counseling sessions can help you reach your goals swiftly.

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