What to Do When Your Florida Property Has Been Damaged

Property owners make a considerable investment in their homes. In addition to the purchase price, they typically pay interest on their mortgage, property taxes, and homeowners insurance fees. Some homeowners also pay homeowner’s association (HOA) fees.

Homeowners typically spend thousands each year on annual maintenance. Property owners also have a personal connection to their property. Your home represents stability and security. It’s where you create family memories and house essentials you need for daily living. Property damage can disrupt your entire life, mainly if you’re displaced from your home or face considerable costs to repair your property. Continue reading to learn about your options when your property in Florida’s been damaged.

Contact your insurance company.

In most cases, your homeowners’ insurance should pay to rebuild your home. Whether you’re facing property damage from a hurricane or fire, your insurance should cover basic replacement costs.

Standard homeowners insurance policies don’t cover some types of property damage. Flood damage and earthquake damage are standard exclusions, meaning they aren’t included in typical homeowners insurance policies. Whether you receive compensation from your insurance company will depend on whether you purchased separate insurance for those types of natural disasters.

Insurance companies send out an insurance adjuster to inspect your property and investigate your claim. These investigators talk to witnesses and gather information related to your claim. The adjuster files recommendations and determines the amount of compensation your insurance will provide. They may also deny your claim.

Talk to a property damage lawyer.

After you file an insurance claim, you may discover your insurance company’s acting in bad faith. The insurance company may try to mitigate their responsibility for your insurance claims. If your insurance company denies your property damage claim or tries to offer less than the total coverage amount, contact top rated Florida property damage lawyers to discuss your case. Property damage attorneys work with law firms that specialize in personal injury law. Potential clients receive a free consultation, so you won’t have to worry about coming up with funds to determine if you have grounds for legal action. Your initial consultation offers an opportunity for you to learn what kind of legal strategy they’d use for your case, and it gives you a chance to ask about their background. For example, you benefit from hiring a law firm like Brasher that’s successfully fought cases against large insurance companies, such as Allstate, State Farm, and Progressive

Your property damage attorney will gather relevant data and use their extensive experience with property damage cases to build your case. They may negotiate a fair settlement with your insurance company. Your attorney may also file a lawsuit and present evidence in court.

You may need a property damage lawyer to fight other claims.

It’s natural to think about property damage in Florida caused by hurricanes, winds, and floods. There are also other ways your property can be damaged. Suppose a drunk driver loses control of their vehicle and crashes into your home. Your insurance claim could involve dealing with your insurance company and the driver’s insurance company.

Your home could also be damaged from negligence or actions from other parties. Suppose a water supply pipe near your home bursts. You may need to fight the water company to compensate you for the flood damage caused by the burst pipe.

You may also have claims against your neighbor. Suppose your neighbor landscapes their yard, and the landscaping design causes higher volumes of water to flow into your property. Perhaps they fail to remove diseased trees that fall on your house. Your neighbor may be liable for the damage to your property.

Your property damage lawyer will consider all potential causes to determine legal responsibility and fight for you to receive the maximum compensation you’re allowed.

Property damage affects millions of homeowners each year. Hurricanes, windstorms, fires, and floods are common causes of damage affecting Florida property owners. You can ensure you receive fair compensation for your insurance claim by contacting your insurance company and consulting a Florida property damage attorney. Your lawyer will build a case against your insurance company or other responsible parties, such as neighbors, whose actions contributed to the damage to your home.

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