What to Do If You are Met with a Truck Accident in Manhattan?

Truck accidents, especially between a car and a truck, are more widespread than you think in Manhattan. Although the state has implemented strict rules and regulations to protect regular commuters and pedestrians from accidents, truck drivers neglect all these rules and regulations and continue driving carelessly. Truck accidents, sadly, can leave severe injuries to your loved ones and serious damage to their cars or bikes. 

However, you definitely don’t have to pay for the negligence of truck drivers. According to Federal law, truck companies should carry insurance of a minimum of $750 000 because of their devastating nature. Therefore, you better go to  Manhattan, KS Truck Accident Attorney, to get deserved compensation from the truck drivers or company after you get your injury treated. You might require some pieces of evidence for claiming the same.

Let us see what you would need as evidence for getting compensation.

  • Evidence from the spot – It is best if you could record a video or take some snapshots soon after the accident. Such videos or pictures would make a strong proof for the case. Pieces of evidence such as photos of the skid marks, tire marks, or damaged property will also serve the purpose.
  • Other party’s details – You essentially should have the other party’s necessary details to file a case against them. Check with the other party and note down details such as name, email address, phone number, and address. Also, try to note down the vehicle number of the truck and the driver’s license number. If possible, try to get the other party’s semi truck insurance plans details, as well.
  • Police report – It would be best to acquire the police report of the accident. A police report usually includes all necessary details of the accident. It accounts for who was involved in the accident, the causes, and complete details of injuries and damages caused in the accident.
  • Proof of injuries – Another evidence required is proof of your injuries. Gather all medical records and prescriptions given to you while in treatment to get maximum compensation from other parties. Also, make sure the extent of pain and treatment period is mentioned in your medical records to get the deserving compensation.

Moreover, it is best to avoid giving your statement to the other party’s lawyer or attorney unless you get legal guidance from your attorney.

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